Long-awaited mediocre games hurt the most now – Destructoid

Long-awaited mediocre games hurt the most now – Destructoid

The longer you wait, the greater the pain

welcome back! It’s another Tuesday, which means tonight there will be a new episode of Spot Dodge: A Live Nintendo Podcast exclusively on Destructoid. Threads: It has been a disappointing video game year. From Crossfire X to me fall of BabylonIn tonight’s editorial, we discuss the worst games of the year. The crew also discusses the latter Pokemon scarlet and violet Big Square Enix and Leaks NFT error. All that and much more on Spot Dodge!

Video game development cycles are getting longer. Three receiving days Unknown Games in a five-year period are over. So when the highly anticipated game ends up being aggressively mediocre, it hurts even more, knowing you won’t see the studio’s next effort until five to ten years later. The latest example that comes to mind is Gotham Knights.

WB Montreal’s last match was Arkham’s origins. very underrated Batman The game that I love. So of course, I was very keen to play Gotham Knights. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth the ten year wait. Let’s talk about it!

Fabulous cast from all over the web: Brett Medlock (me) and Mary Stowe from Destructoid, Jon Friscia from The Escapist, Greg Vargas from PC Invasion, and Brett Larsen, our additional special guest. Behind the scenes, Eric Wishart of Gamurs is live editing for this week’s show.

Spot Dodge is a weekly Nintendo podcast here at Destructoid where we take an hour or two to catch up on the latest Nintendo news and discuss the games we’re playing. If you are a fan of Nintendo Switch, RPGs, or just having a good time, Spot Dodge will be a great addition to spinning your podcast.

spot dodge It goes live every Tuesday at 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET Twitch Channel. PSA: We now have a file Spot Dodge dedicated YouTube channel! All future episodes will be streamed live and uploaded there. What do you think are the worst games of the year? Don’t be afraid to join the chat and be a part of the show!

After that, the show will be available on demand to audio listeners via spotifyAnd the Apple PodcastAnd the more. The live video version will remain on both YouTube and Twitch (Don’t forget to follow and subscribe). Lots of options!

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Video Head at Destructoid

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