Looking for Help Through Lucky Cat Program Fall Call to Care

Looking for Help Through Lucky Cat Program Fall Call to Care

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The Lucky Cat program needs help. The lingering impact of COVID-19 has exacerbated the needs of community cats more than ever before. Limited staffing and a lack of low-cost veterinarians due to rising costs have resulted in many new kittens and cats requiring emergency medical assistance as well as general TNR (trap, neuter, return) services. Requests for help from the community have also increased, and Lucky Cat’s volunteer efforts to help those in need have increased as well.

Desperate calls to ask for help are a regular occurrence, from Statesville to Charlotte and everywhere in between. “Our Fall Call for Care fundraiser is a call for the community to raise the funds needed to help us continue our work in 2023 and beyond,” said Robin Bird, executive director of the Lucky Cat Program. “We are grateful that we are here to call for help and are grateful to our supporters who make successful results possible,” Byrd said.

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The rates of unrecognized cats in our community increase every day as population growth, financial struggles, and paucity of spay/neuters increase; The adoption rate cannot keep up, which equates to the death penalty for too many cats in our local shelters every day. “Through supporting the Lucky Cat Program, cats in need receive medical care and spay/neuter services and stay out of shelters, ending the breeding cycle, and creating a happy future for a healthy Lucky Cat. Abigail Jennings, founder and president of Lucky Cat.

Most recently, their efforts quickly turned disaster in a Lake Norman neighborhood, when a homeowner moved in and left 17 breeding cats outside and four kittens.

Through extraordinary measures by dedicated volunteers and Lucky Cat donors, these cats were rapidly spayed, given medical attention, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and a new feeding area with a new caregiver in a successful TNR mission. was infected. Eleven cats were adopted and neighbors agreed to feed the remaining community cats. One of the kittens, Ashley, was previously thought to be deaf, but a visit to the vet found it required surgery to remove a polyp from her ear. Her medical bill was very high and is only one of many. These cats are now truly “lucky cats”.

Roxy was found on the side of the road in Taylorsville with her two siblings when she was about three weeks old. His mother was beaten to death. They do not know how long the kittens went without food. They were covered with fleas when they were found, and the two siblings died, leaving Roxy as the only survivor. Little Roxy is actually a “lucky cat” and will live a much happier life for Lucky Cat supporters. She is currently in foster care to gain weight and strength so that she can be put up for adoption through a companionship rescue.

Sevin, a small gray tabby weighing less than a pound, was found along I-77. She was taken to the vet where it was determined that she had bruises, scratches and abrasions in her mouth that corresponded to being thrown from the car. Her treat has added another “lucky cat” to the world. She is currently in foster care and looking forward to her opportunity to adopt through one of the rescue partners.

Daisy was implicated in home improvement at Lowe’s in Mooresville and required a partial tail amputation costing over $500. He needed early surgery to prevent the infection from taking over his body. With the vet shortage, finding a vet who could quickly schedule surgery was challenging. Ultimately he had surgery and it was successful. Daisy is adopted into the family forever thanks to one of the rescue partners.

Calls for such help continue daily and calls for help with the needs of the community cat. “Thanks to our supporters, we can help cats like Arthur, who was found as an only kitten in the trailer park. His mother is abandoned and Arthur whose bulging eye is finally given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Stabilized after her treatment, she was prepared for life-saving eye removal surgery,” Bird explained. Arthur has been adopted into a loving home, and is now living his best life as one lucky cat.

Efforts are currently underway to help more than 100 community cats in a Charlotte neighborhood in dire economic need. Residents were feeding the cats with food and pieces of chicken bones, leading to an endless cycle of breeding and dying of disease and starvation. The work of many volunteers and partnerships is ending this heartbreaking cycle. A dedicated and clean feeding station managed by volunteers waits for the cats to return after they have been trapped, vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

“Thanks to our volunteers, donors and adoption partners, these cats will live their lives happily and healthily. Please help us make our biggest impact in 2023. Through your support, we will be creating more community cats. can really help become Lucky Cat,” Jennings said.

Given the magnitude of the challenges this year, the Lucky Cat Program’s Fall Call for Care is expected to successfully address the community’s greatest needs and reverse this upward trend.

Apart from financial donations, donations are also being collected for cat and cat food. “Please share this petition for help with your friends and neighbors too, as a community, we can all make a difference. Changing the lives of these cats also helps improve our community and Together we can do this. Thanks to the generous support of our presenting sponsors, Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Lake Norman Realty, we can continue to make a positive difference to the lives of many community cats around us.” Bird shared.

Fall Call to Care donors will be entered into a raffle to win the Lucky Cat Fun Pack, with each package containing a unique gift or gift certificate, as well as special treats for humans and cats. Gift certificates include On the Nine, Fresh Chef, Lake Norman Brewery, Royal Bliss, Savvy Salon & Spa, Fresh Market, Brand Name Consignment, Davinci Fleur, among others; As well as the Lake Norman Waterfront Vacation, or the Waterfront Penthouse Oak Island experience. For additional details and to donate, visit,

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