Low and No Emission Vehicle Federal Technical Assistance

Low and No Emission Vehicle Federal Technical Assistance

Partnering with FTA joint office of energy and transportation To provide new technical support to transit agencies shifting their fleet from diesel vehicles to low and no-emission buses and ferries.

This new program, made possible by bipartisan infrastructure lawWill support transit organizations as they transition to battery electric, hybrid, or hydrogen fuel cell technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and creates a transit workforce with new skills and expertise.

This technical assistance is available to transit agencies and entities that are receiving – or planning to apply for – federal funding to expand or transition their fleets with clean and green buses and transit vehicles. In August 2022, FTA announced To support new-technology buses through financing of over $1.6 billion in fiscal 2012 little or no emissionsAnd Buses and Bus Facilities Program ,

The bipartisan infrastructure law calls for cooperation between the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Transportation. The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, shares resources and guidance for FTA-supported entities seeking to convert their fleets to low- or no-emissions transit vehicles.

  • In September 2022, the FTA issued a . co-hosted webinarTo describe the program with the Joint Office to help the transit industry transition from diesel buses to vehicles using low or no emissions technology.
  • learn more about Zero-Emission Fleet Transition Planning

Last Updated: Monday, November 7, 2022

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