Maharashtra man tricks his daughter into writing suicide note naming relatives, then kills her

Maharashtra man tricks his daughter into writing suicide note naming relatives, then kills her

Police said the girl was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her home. (representative image)


Police said a 40-year-old man tricked his teenage daughter into writing suicide notes to implicate his relatives and then asked her to issue a suicide law during which he actually killed her.

The 16-year-old girl was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her home in Kalamna district of Nagpur city on November 6, a police official said on Saturday.

He said that the man who was working as a laborer was later arrested and an investigation is underway to find out the motive behind the murder.

The Kalamna police station official said that the police initially registered a case of incitement to commit suicide against the girl’s stepmother, uncle, aunt, and grandparents on the basis of five suicide notes found in the room.

But an examination of the victim’s father’s mobile phone during the investigation revealed that there was a plot behind what appeared to be a suicide.

“In the mobile phone, we found a picture of the victim making a suicide attempt. It turned out that he had asked his daughter to act as if she was hanging herself and clicked on a picture, claiming that he wanted to teach his relatives a lesson,” the police official said.

Before that, the man had asked the girl to write five suicide notes that would mention the names of these relatives. When the girl did so and tied the noose around her neck and stood on a chair as instructed, he clicked on a picture and then kicked the chair causing her to hang. She died in front of her father. and her 12-year-old sister.

Then the accused left the house. The official said he later called the police, claiming he had gone out to do some work, and upon his return he found his daughter hanged.

Police initially registered a case of incitement to suicide under the Indian Penal Code against the five relatives. But investigators later realized that something was wrong.

“After we came across the picture of suicide in his phone, we questioned the man and he told the police that he had killed his daughter. His first wife ended her life in 2016 and the second wife also left the house,” the official said.

The man was arrested for murder. The official added that the police were conducting an investigation into the motive behind the crime.

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