Modern Warfare 2 November Patch Notes 4: Weapon tuning returns, bug fixes, and more

Modern Warfare 2 November Patch Notes 4: Weapon tuning returns, bug fixes, and more

Modern Warfare 2 November Patch Notes 4: Weapon tuning returns, bug fixes, and more

published: 2022-11-04, 03:48:11

updated: 2022-11-04, 19:24:33

Infinity Ward published the first official update for Modern Warfare 2 on November 4And the Addressing performance issues, bug fixes, and retuning weapons.

Given Modern Warfare 2’s many glaring issues at launch, whether that’s the case Bugs break the game or frustrating changesThe developers are looking to resolve the most problematic setbacks as quickly as possible.

Now just a week after launch, Infinity Ward has released the game’s first official update. No major changes have been made to the gameplay yet, but the patch addresses overall performance issues and several bugs that break the game.

Not only that, but players can once again access the new weapon tuning feature afterwards Disable in all areas Just days ago.

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The first season of Modern Warfare 2 launches on November 16 alongside Warzone 2.

Weapon tuning and UI issues have been addressed

Weapon tuning has been re-enabled in Modern Warfare 2. At launch, this unique gunsmith feature was the cause of widespread lobby collapses across many platforms, forcing developers to temporarily delist it. Fortunately, the issues seem to be resolved, and players can once again adjust the attachments as they wish.

Players discovered a loophole, which basically made players who equipped riot shield Invincible. Smart community members have learned that Molotov cocktails and Thermites work as an anti-bug, but the developers are working on a more permanent solution.

Infinity Ward hasn’t made any significant changes to the map, but the developer mentioned that they’ve removed many feats and engineering bugs since the game’s launch.

Poor UI design has been a hot issue among community members, developers have committed to improving UI and will release more information with the first season update.

MW2 November 4 update patch notes

Here are the full patch notes for November 4th.

General updates

  • We’ve addressed a number of crashes affecting players across all platforms including a bug that caused some players involved in the game to crash when matchmaking. Last night’s update should provide additional stability in terms of crashes. We will continue to monitor live release reports and provide solutions as soon as we are able.
  • We’ve made general improvements to the game including:
    • Fix for several camouflages not unlocking while progressing.
    • Fixed low frame rate issues.
    • Known freezing issues have been resolved.
    • General performance improvements.
    • Added fixes for stuttering and delay issues.


  • A new fix for NVIDIA recently addressed some critical issues. Please make sure the game is running on 526.61 drivers.
  • The modular map for PC has been updated with a more accurate reading of the FPS display.
  • Be sure to follow our friends at Pinox For additional updates for MW2 on PC.


  • We are actively collecting weapon performance/use data and will provide detailed updates on weapon balancing with the launch of Season 1.
  • Last week, we disabled the tuning attachments feature due to an issue affecting players with 4 or more tuning attachments equipped simultaneously. We’ve re-enabled attachment tuning in last night’s update so players don’t have other issues equipping attachments on a weapon.


  • Enemy or live ping will remain disabled in multiplayer until the fix is ​​implemented with the launch of Season 1. This is due to a bug where the ping remained on some players after death. Currently, KBM players can still risk ping.
  • The player icon on the mini-map will not disappear after the player is revived in certain modes.

Maps / Playlists

  • We have added Hotel Breenbergh to a third person Moshpit
  • There are no major changes to the map, but we’ve corrected several glitches and engineering errors in the days since launch. We will continue to address small fixes with daily updates.


  • We continue to improve our user interface and will have more details in the Season 1 launch notes.

In addition to the changes we’ve already made, we’re also actively following up on live issues. Some of the currently known issues include:

  • We are aware of the following issues and fixes are in the pipeline
    • Riot Shield provides immunity against helicopter gunners and VTOL
    • DDOS field upgrade availability error
    • A bug that affects the helicopter’s altitude, allowing it to leave the map in some cases

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