Modern Warfare 2 thieves steal XP codes and sell them online

Modern Warfare 2 thieves steal XP codes and sell them online

Modern Warfare 2 thieves steal XP codes and sell them online

The Modern Warfare 2 promotion giving double XP tokens to US players in exchange for buying Jack Link’s Pork Strips caused some strife after buyers realized that many had inadvertently purchased packs after stealing the codes.

As I spotted it computer gamesInstead of hiding the code inside the package, Jack Link’s Spicy Dill Pickle Pork Strips chose to add the code in tiny little booklets affixed to the front. However, it seems bags like this dude They roam and rob them.

Modern Warfare 2’s campaign for PS5 and Xbox Series has received Digital Foundry’s video review treatment.

Modern Warzone, the COD creator, stated, “On the ground it is stealing reports from Walmart of jerky dual XP codes from Jack Links for Modern Warfare 2 from every store I can find.”

“If you want to buy Jack Links for 2X XP, be sure to purchase a bag whose code has not been stolen.”

When someone accused ModernWarzone of “Which makes this problem worse“By drawing attention to her, he understood replied: “Brother, this store was the fifth I checked out in my area and the first with codes.

“It was really a problem and it’s not my job to help Jack Links get the filthy stuff together. I’d rather tell people what they’re looking for when they buy jerky for tokens.”

If you fall into the scam, you will not lose everything; Players with proof of purchase I had some luck calling the Jack Links customer service line and getting the codes that way.

Have you played Modern Warfare 2 yet? We said at Eurogamer: ‘Without the exaggerated blasting to power everything up – or to distract you, depending on how charitable you feel – it feels weird, a little weak. Modern Warfare 2 Review.

“The irony of it all is intense: It’s a good-looking game at times, one whose relentlessly compelling multiplayer and beer and chips aim to grab your attention for the whole next year. But it’s also one that you’re afraid to look closely at.”

Composer Sarah Schechner revealed on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 recently that she won’t be writing music for the game anymore. Or participate in the release of the soundtrack, blaming the “increasingly difficult” dynamic of working with the project’s sound director.

Meanwhile, some players think Using attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 may make weapons worse And developer Infiniti Ward acknowledged this “Confusion” about an exclusive in-game store reward for players who chose the Vault.

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