NCSOFT unveils Project LLL – an open-world third-person shooter MMO for console and PC

NCSOFT unveils Project LLL – an open-world third-person shooter MMO for console and PC

NCSOFT He released the game’s first trailer, developer notes, and Text interview for LLL projectNext open world Widely multiplayer Online Third-person shooter Currently in development for console and computer. It will be launched in 2024 worldwide.

“We wanted to create a new genre completely different from the recently popular thief archer or battle royaleProject leader Sedr Jihyun Bae said in the text interview. “We want to create a new marketplace that will be exclusive to NC with a new IP that includes the keywords ‘shooter’, ‘MMO’ and ‘open world’. We are developing a project that combines different gameplays with elements from previous NC games, and we are very excited to share a sneak peek with our society.”

According to Bai, LLL project It will provide “a vast open world in which more than 30 km of land space will be seamlessly connected to one environment.” It is built on the latest Unreal Engine.

LLL he is science fiction game, but could also be thought of as a game that falls under a subgenre of alternate history,” Bay explained. “It takes place in a world that began with the idea that the history we know progressed differently because of a particular event in the past. in LLLthe ruined Seoul, the Byzantine Empire in the tenth century, and the twenty-third century all blend together in the same traditions.”

He was martyred in any narrations FuntionAnd the Duneand the works of Philip K. Dick as inspiration for the game’s lore, and code runnerAnd the Total RecallAnd the The man in the high castle As inspiration for her themes of technology, human justice, and alternative history.

As for the characters, unlike other NCSOFT games, LLL project It will have pre-defined characters, each with a unique name, background story, and driving forces.

Read more about the game in the full showdown with Bae at

Watch the game’s trailer and developer notes below.

gameplay trailer


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