Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase November 2022: Everything Announced

Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase November 2022: Everything Announced

Nintendo has shared another look at the future of indie games on the Nintendo Switch thanks to the current Indie World Showcase. In this nearly 25-minute presentation, Nintendo shared updates about previously released titles, a couple of exciting ports, and some brand-new surprises.

From the story of the sport – Golf sequel First announced in 2019 – finally getting a release month, Indie darling Inscryption is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, here’s all that happened during today’s Indie World Showcase.

Sports Story is coming to Nintendo Switch in December

The long-awaited sequel to 2017’s Golf Story is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch next month. The story of the sport is about much more than just golf, it is about more than just a sport. The weird trailer featured golf, tennis, soccer, BMX, volleyball and cricket. But when you’re not competitive, you’ll be exploring dungeons, hanging out in the mall, or solving puzzles.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available on Nintendo Switch today

The venerable Rogue Legacy 2 is coming to the Switch eShop later today. The Switch version includes the Fabled Heroes Update, which includes dozens of new subclasses and items.

Rogue Legacy 2 launched earlier this year, and we described the game as amazing in our area reconsideringsaying, “Rogue Legacy 2 is a transformative sequel that fundamentally rebuilds the exceptionally influential 2013 original into a modern roguelite that is almost alongside the best of the genre.”

Pepper Mill is a new action adventure from Devolver Digital

Treasure hunter Pepper is drowned and robbed, forcing her to use her trusty grill to get her back. This awesome pixel art adventure features super fast action with fluid punch combat. Along the way, you’ll collect treasures and other riches and use them to upgrade Pepper or unlock more paths on the world map.

Pepper Mill is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Enjoy a Nice Death: Roguelike Starring Next Year’s Grim Reaper Hits Switch

This roguelike impressed us last year Before the PC release, and now Have a Nice Death comes to the Nintendo Switch. The game stars the Grim Reaper himself, with an institutional twist. Death is a stressful CEO who has to restore the balance between work and death in his company by battling his subordinates. It has fast and crazy combat with combos, spells and weapon upgrades.

Have a Nice Death is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2023.

Discover the French countryside in the Dordogne

From independent French studio Un Je Ne Sais Quoi, Dordogne is an immersive narrative experience starring Mimi: a woman who returns to her late grandmother’s home where she used to spend every summer. You’ll play as Mimi, past and present, as you discover family secrets and explore the French countryside.

Dordogne is coming to Switch in the spring of 2023.

A space for the uninitiated about acne in rural Indonesia

This slice of life adventure game is set in the late 90’s in rural Indonesia. A Space for the Unbound chronicles the relationship between a boy and girl with supernatural powers who are forced to take action when a mysterious force threatens the very existence of their cities. The gameplay is pretty much reminiscent of exploring the city and meeting the townspeople to uncover the secrets of the town and each other.

Space for Unbound will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 19, 2023.

Once a Joker brings theater improvisation to the Nintendo Switch

Once Upon a Jester attempts to bring the world of improvisational theater into a video game. It stars best friends Jester and Sok, who plot to steal the Royal Diamond. To do this, they must be accepted into the royal theater scene. This takes them to a strange kingdom where anything can happen, and no two shows are the same in the game.

Once Upon a Joker will be available on Switch later today.

Desta: Memories Among the Features Dribbling Ball in Your Dreams

From the creators of Monument Valley, Desta: The Memories Between takes an isometric view from its popular mobile game and adds elements of dribbling ball. In this game, players compete in a metaphorical ball game during their dreams, where perfect trick shots and throws can change the course of the story. With a heavy emphasis on story and conversations, the game also features a full audio performance.

Desta: The Memories Between is coming to switch in early 2023.

Goodbye World is about the struggles to develop a video game

Goodbye World is an introductory game as far as it gets, as it is a video game about two friends trying to find the perfect idea for their next video game. While following the daily struggles of the characters, you will also play a puzzle game inspired by the past on a mobile device similar to the Game Boy.

Goodbye World is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this month.

Also known as It takes players on a journey to find inner peace

Aka puts players in the shoes of retired warrior Aka, who is searching for inner peace on an isolated paradise island. In this relaxing open world game, you can take care of a garden, build a shelter, feed baby dragons, or lie atop a giant capybara. Aka can also go on missions to meet characters and confront ghosts from their past.

Aka is coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 15th.

Blanc is a non-textual cooperative adventure starring an antelope and a wolf cub

Blanc also appeared on the Indie World Showcase in May 2022, and is a co-op adventure without a script starring a wolf cub and a cub. Players must coordinate and use their individual abilities to navigate the snowy landscapes. The game features both local and online co-op.

Blanc is coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 14, 2023.

Solve plant-based puzzles and head to a park at Botany Manor

Manor botany is all about gardening. You play as Arabelle Green, a retired botanist who lives in a historic mansion from the 19th century. By solving plant puzzles, you will keep a collection of forgotten plants and take care of the farm garden. Players will need to scan the mansion to find clues, newspaper excerpts, and more to help develop your gardening skills.

Botany Manor is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Cook delicious South Indian dishes at Vinpa

Venba is an informative, informative cooking game set in the 80s, where an Indian family recently immigrated to Canada. You play the role of the mother of the family, who is looking to reconnect with her heritage by cooking a variety of South Indian dishes. Branching talks tell a story of love and loss, and the game’s soundtrack is inspired by Indian musicals.

Venba is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023.

Oni: The way to become the strongest oni is a 3D action adventure

Oni: Road to the Mightiest Oni is a 3D adventure game with an art style somewhat reminiscent of Dragon Quest. You play as a vengeful demon warrior who joins forces with a spirit to fight ancient demons. Both characters are simultaneously controlled using a single Joy-Con controller. But you have to be careful, because some demons enemies are invincible, and your only option will be to run.

Oni: Road to be the Mightiest Oni is coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2023.

Organize everyday things in a little to the left, outside today

If you love organizing your household items to look as stylish as possible, A Little to the Left is the game for you. There are more than 75 puzzles to solve, as you organize household objects into satisfying arrangements. Many puzzles have multiple solutions. And there’s a cat that will interrupt your foundation sessions, which I can tell you from personal experience, it’s very realistic.

A little left is available on the Nintendo Switch today.

Episode 2 of The Coffee Talk has more quirky characters

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is the sequel to the indie game Coffee Talk of the year 2020. As a barista at a late-night coffee shop, you meet quirky characters ranging from gruesome singing operas to video game-developing orcs. You’ll hear their stories while discovering each client’s perfect cup of joe, all in a soothing and relaxing audio mode.

Coffee Talk Episode 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023.

The Nintendo Indie World Showcase showcased a great selection of upcoming games, including Inscryption

Nintendo has also shared a slew of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Here is a list of the games shown:

  • WrestleQuest, May 2023
  • Wobbledogs Console Edition, November 17
  • Storyteller, March 23
  • World of Horror, Summer 2023
  • Curse of the Rats, early 2023
  • Inscryption, December 1

Logan Plant is a freelance writer for IGN covering video game news and entertainment. He has over six years of experience in the gaming industry with minor lines at IGN, Nintendo Wire, Switch Player Magazine and Lifewire. You can find him on Twitter @LoganJPlant.

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