NortonLifeLock merges with Avast to form a new company called “Gen”

NortonLifeLock merges with Avast to form a new company called “Gen”

NortonLifeLock merges with Avast to form a new company called “Gen”

NortonLifeLock settled on a new company name after merging with antivirus provider Avast two months ago: Gen.

The full name is actually Gen Digital. But the company already Strengthen(Opens in a new window) itself as a general through marketing materials and on its website. The term does not exactly refer to cybersecurity or antivirus. However, the newly merged company chose the name to emphasize its focus on protecting “digital life”.

“We’re all part of a new generation, regardless of age. It’s not Generation X, Y, or Z, it’s the digital generation,” says CEO Vincent Billett, who was previously the head of NortonLifeLock.

Gen will act as the parent company of several security-related brands including Norton, LifeLock and Avast, as well as Avira, AVG and CCleaner, which were acquired in previous acquisitions.

But, despite the new name, all separate brands will continue to live. “Yes, nothing will change on this front. Changing the company name and logo will not affect consumer brands,” a Gen spokesperson told PCMag.

Norton Live Look Pay More than $8 billion to buy Avast, which is headquartered in the Czech Republic. The newly formed company is now focused on selling security and privacy services to a market of 5 billion internet users.

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“For those who can remember, there was a time when you could buy antivirus products from the store and install them on your computer. That was considered enough at the time, but the world has changed irrevocably with convenience and communication at our fingertips 24/7. week days , ” Wrote(Opens in a new window) In a blog post.

Last year, company executives also told investors that they aimed to generate $3.5 billion in annual revenue through the merger. Another focus is the development of security products for small businesses.

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