NUGuardian: Another Campus Safety Tool

NUGuardian: Another Campus Safety Tool

Now that daylight saving time is over, we’ll all be walking, riding, and driving in the dark a lot. As part of Northwestern’s commitment to campus safety, the university has launched a new resource for students on its Evanston campus that can be used no matter what hour of the day it is.

in NUGuardia It is a free peer-to-peer mobile app that turns a smartphone into a personal security device. The app allows users to designate their phone contacts as “parents” who walk with them, virtually, wherever they go – on campus or off campus – to help them get safely to their destination.

“NUGuardian is one of the tools in a toolkit to help students manage their safety,” said Mona Dojo, Dean of Students. “We do not expect this app to replace other safety measures such as safe ridingwalking with friends, use blue lights or calls to 911. But the functions and interactions enable students to decide who they want to participate in their personal safety plan. “

The move to NUGuardian began when the previous Safe Walk app for students became incompatible with Android phones. At the same time, the Associated Student Government (ASG) requested a peer-to-peer solution with features beyond police intervention. The university considered a range of options before landing NUGuardian, which leverages its existing contract with Rave for emergency notifications.

In the app, users can set a safety timer with departure and arrival information before they leave. The designated guardian will be alerted if the user does not deactivate the timer when they reach their destination. In addition, 911 is a click away, connecting the user to local emergency services.

How to download NUGuardian

  • Download the Rave Guardian mobile app from the . file App Store or google apps.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and sign up with your Northwestern email address to receive NUGuardian, Northwestern’s customized version of the app.
  • Select Northwestern University as your institution and confirm your identity.

NUGuardian is available to any student on the Evanston campus with an active NetID. The app only shares data between the user and the people they choose as guardians.

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