Pixel 7 custom speech recognition improves Google Assistant.

Pixel 7 custom speech recognition improves Google Assistant.

Pixel 7 custom speech recognition improves Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is using In-device “personalized speech recognition” on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to “make better progress in recognizing your unique speech style, words and phrases.”

This may include names of people and places that are less common or more unique to you. Google’s personalized speech recognition works by “saving and learning from your Assistant interactions, including audio, securely on your device.” Printed questions and other popular texts are also used.

For example, you can correct an acronym when you ask Google Assistant for something, or choose a suggested alternative for a country’s name when you use Assistant to navigate.

Google encourages users to correct the Assistant by “selecting a suggestion chip, editing text directly in an Assistant interaction, or repeating your question one after the other.”

Google Assistant can use your previous corrections to learn from its mistakes and improve over time.

This feature was enabled during the Google Assistant setup process on the Pixel 7 or 7 Pro. It can be turned off by going to Assistant settings. on your Pixel 7 > you > Your speech recognition > Personalized speech recognition off on

Disabling will delete “any Assistant interactions that were used to train the model” from your phone. Opting out will not affect how data is collected, stored or used Assistant Voice Typing in Gboard, Voice and audio activity, Voice Match, Personal results, Improve Assistant through Federated Learning, Enhance Gboard through Federated Learningor Web and App Activity.

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