Porwire announces noise reduction device for pneumatic tools

Porwire announces noise reduction device for pneumatic tools

Porwire announces noise reduction device for pneumatic tools

Offering sound attenuation properties, Porwire Sciences’ Vyon Porous Plastic Silencers fit directly into the exhaust port of pneumatic devices, ensuring that airborne noise is reduced to a safe decibel level.

Many industrial organizations use the power of compressed air in pneumatic equipment, including blast cleaners, drills, forging pressure and paint sprayers. A notable drawback of pneumatic tools is their loud operating noise. To reduce ambient noise from your pneumatics to a safe, practical level, it is important that they be equipped with an effective silencer.

Vyon is a porous permeable plastic made from high density polyethylene using a proprietary powder sintering process. Using this high-performance material, Porwire Sciences manufactures noise attenuation devices (silencers) to fit almost any pneumatic device.

Each Wyon silencer includes a sintered polyethylene body molded in a British Standard Pipe (BSP) M5 connection or a high-density polyethylene adapter with easy-to-use push-in connectors. Once the silencer is in place, the compressed air expands through the porous body of the device to the atmosphere.

Wyon silencers can reduce the noise of an unsilenced exhaust port from about 90 decibels to between 60 and 70 decibels. The noise level at 90 decibels corresponds to the noise made by a heavy truck or underground train passing a few feet away. It is widely accepted that such decibel levels are dangerous, and that people should not be exposed to this level of noise for any length of time. By comparison, 60 decibels corresponds to the noise level from a normal conversation at 3 feet and is consequently completely safe.

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