Redwood and Audi want to turn your old electronics into EV batteries

Redwood and Audi want to turn your old electronics into EV batteries

Lithium-ion Battery Recycler redwood material And Audi is launching a program today that enables consumers to drop off their old battery-powered devices at local Audi dealerships, and then Redwood will recycle them to make EV batteries.

Redwood already has a partnership with Volkswagen Group of America to recycle all end-of-life batteries from Volkswagen and Audi EVsBut this is the first time an automaker has partnered with Redwood to support large EV battery recycling efforts as well as the collection of domestic lithium-ion batteries.

Redwood will be installing recycling bins at select Audi dealerships across the US in the coming weeks. The batteries and equipment were dropped into bins and would then be recycled by Redwood to make more durable, household EV batteries.

In octoberRedwood announces that Argonne National Laboratory testing has shown that Redwood’s battery components are from recycled materials performed the same as raw material.

But, Redwood notes:

Devices containing less than 5% of lithium-ion batteries are recycled, mainly because clear recycling routes do not exist. Redwood and Audi see a tremendous opportunity to build these paths, allowing consumers to recycle their batteries, and then use these batteries to manufacture new, sustainable electric vehicle batteries domestically.

The Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has requirements for domestic sourcing and recycling of critical minerals used in EV batteries. So recycling end-of-life consumer batteries can help build a home supply chain.

Drop off your old battery-powered appliances – from cell phones to laptops, e-bikes, e-scooters and electric toothbrushes to vacuum cleaners and power drills – at your local Audi dealership for recycling.

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