Remedy confirms Control 2 is in development for PS5, XSX, and PC

Remedy confirms Control 2 is in development for PS5, XSX, and PC

treatment announced its participation in the development and publication of a sequel to control with 505 Games.

Control 2 (formerly Codename Heron) will be released for computerAnd the PlayStation 5And the Xbox Series X | sand will be built on the Remedy Northlight engine, the pair announced Friday.

Remedy will publish the game on the PC platform and 505 Games will publish it on the console platforms. The project is currently in the concept stage.

treatment First announced plans for a ‘bigger budget console game’ in June 2021. CEO Tero Virtala said in a statement on Friday.

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Mikael KasurinenIn a statement, the game director of the Control franchise said, “With Control, we have jumped into the unknown. We wanted to create something new. Something different and unexpected. A world like no other. Thank you, attendees, for making Control such a success for us.”

“With Control 2, we’re going to take another leap into the unknown. It’s going to be an unexpected journey. It’s going to take some time, but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on. It’s still early days, but it’s worth the wait.”

Rami and Ravi Gallant, Co-CEOs of Digital Bros Group/505 Games, added: “We are excited to deepen our collaboration with Remedy and continue Control’s success story together. Since its launch in 2019, Control has sold over 3 million copies.

“Control is the largest investment 505 Games has ever made, so it holds a special place in our hearts. We are grateful to the entire community of players who made Control a long-lasting and endearing game, and we are even more excited to bring Control 2.”

Control 2 isn’t the only franchise entry being worked on at Remedy. The company previously announced plans for a co-op multiplayer subset set in the same universe, currently called Condor and being developed by Remedy’s.forefront‘ Team.

Remedy confirms Control 2 is in development for PS5, XSX, and PC
The art of control concept 2.

in Official blog post Published last year, Control Game Director Mikael Kasurinen tried to allay any concerns Remedy fans might have about the studio taking a rare adventure in multiplayer.

“We knew there would be skepticism about multiplayer. But I think we can create shared experiences without compromising the unique DNA of who we are, or the stories we want to tell,” Kasurinen explained.

“Yes, we need to rethink our angles, our techniques, our mentality, but we see it as an exciting challenge: what would Remedy’s multiplayer look like?

“The Vanguard team has made great progress on this front already, and the potential there is very exciting. Both games [Control and Condor] They would be different examples of how our worlds collectively experience.

“We approach this with a mixture of excitement and respect. We want to create something inviting yet familiar, something any of our fans can jump into and feel right at home together.”

VGC’s control review The supernatural adventure game has been called “the best Remedy creation since the original Max Payne”.