Samsung expects Apple to introduce a foldable tablet in 2024

Samsung expects Apple to introduce a foldable tablet in 2024

Samsung expects Apple to introduce a foldable tablet in 2024

While companies like Samsung have been investing more and more in foldable devices, Apple has yet to announce any products in this category. There’s no sign that the Cupertino-based company will introduce a foldable phone anytime soon, but Samsung reportedly expects Apple to introduce a foldable tablet by 2024.

Apple’s first foldable device may not be a phone

The news comes from Elections (via BGR), who reportedly heard from sources that Samsung’s mobile division had a meeting with suppliers last month to discuss the smartphone market. Among the discussions, representatives of the South Korean company are said to expect Apple to introduce its first foldable device in two years.

Interestingly, at least according to Samsung, Apple’s first foldable device won’t be a phone. Instead, the company believes that Apple will enter this segment with a foldable tablet or laptop.

CCS Insight confirms these rumours. In a report shared last month, the research firm claimed that launching a foldable iPhone would be super risky at this point, and that it would make more sense for Apple to experiment with the technology in a new iPad. It is unclear how much this product will cost, but analysts believe that an Apple foldable device could hit stores with a price tag of $2,500.

In the same meeting with investors, Samsung reportedly said that the foldable smartphone market is expected to grow by 80% by 2025. The South Korean company also said that 90% of foldable smartphone users are convinced to buy another foldable devices in the future.

The foldable smartphone market

Earlier this year, Samsung executive TM Roh confirmed this 10 million foldable smartphones shipped in 2021. While the number is still small compared to the overall smartphone market, the foldable category grew more than 300% from 2020. Currently, over 70% of the foldable device market is dominated by Samsung with the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.

It’s no surprise that Apple has taken a more conservative approach when it comes to the iPhone. Due to the large number of devices the company ships each year, Apple is likely to face some supply issues with the launch of a foldable phone, as this technology is still limited and more expensive.

There are rumors suggesting that Apple has been experimenting with foldable devices based on the iPhone and iPad, but for now, these are all early prototypes far from being final products.

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Samsung expects Apple to introduce a foldable tablet in 2024

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