Seniors can get pet help in SC

Seniors can get pet help in SC

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Columbia – The South Carolina Vets Care Foundation (SCVets Care) collaborates with the South Carolina Department on Aging (SCDOA) to help senior citizens find services for their pets.

This program allows senior citizens who are having difficulties (whether physical, personal or financial) to access services for their pets at no cost.

Connie Munn, director of the South Carolina Department on Aging (SCDOA), said, “For many older adults, their pets are their family, and having the financial means to provide essential services for their pets can be a financial burden for them. could.” “That is why this partnership with SCVets Care is important to ensure that our seniors have the resources to assist them so that they do not have to choose between their own care versus that of their pet.”

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SCVets Care provides senior citizens with information about a local vet in their area to perform services for their pets, such as:

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  • heart medicine
  • some surgeries
  • Meal
  • flea repellent
  • Vaccines
  • ear infections
  • upper respiratory infection
  • UTI and more

Routine vaccinations and screenings are offered through this program. Once the job is done, the vet will bill SCVets Care, which will pay for the services. Mobile veterinarians are available to assist senior citizens who may not be able to travel for services.

“We are thrilled with our agency’s work to help enhance the quality of life for our seniors in South Carolina,” said Connie Munn, director of the South Carolina Department of Aging (SCDOA). “We are blessed as a state to have so many older adults who have chosen to live their golden years here and as a state, we must do everything possible to ensure that they live the best healthy life possible. Huh.”

visit for more information Or call 803-254-1027.

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