Smartphones are like cars. So why don’t we keep them?

Smartphones are like cars.  So why don’t we keep them?

Smartphones are like cars. So why don’t we keep them?

You can also create an annual calendar reminder to do phone checkups. This may involve simple steps such as Purge apps and photos you no longer need To free up digital storage space, which can speed up the phone back up.

Another motivator would be doing math. For about $70, you can have your phone battery replaced at a repair shop, which makes it a relatively cost-effective solution. Let’s say over two years, you trade in your $800 phone for a new $800 model in $300 credit. He’s spending $500 on a phone every two years; In eight years, you’ll have spent $2,800 on the phone. Conversely, if you own an $800 phone and replace two batteries for $70 each, you’ll spend $940 over the same period. For many people, especially families with multiple phones, that adds up to big savings.

When new phone ads play on TV or appear in your inbox, you can also remind yourself to exercise restraint,”innovation illusion“A book about how our obsession with the new has killed the art of maintenance. It also includes resisting the urge to judge people who don’t have the latest gadgets.

“A cultural shift is needed,” Mr Winsel said. “We need to stop being deluded by the hype and think about the bigger picture, including the environment.”

However, it’s worth noting that it can be impractical to fix some common phone problems. Case in point: when I broke my iPhone 12 screen, a replacement part from Apple costs about $300. If the cost of repair approaches the price tag of a new appliance, it makes sense to buy a replacement. (That said, I paid to have it repaired because I’m attached to the phone.)

But the phone repair situation is improving. Last year, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it Crack down on companies stopping people from fixing their products. And a New York state law that was passed in JuneWhich would require opening up access to electronics repair and diagnostics equipment to tech companies, the government is awaiting the signature of Kathy Hochul.

As a result of all the regulatory movement, repair is very slowly becoming simpler. What needs to be changed going forward is our mindset.

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