Sony is said to have partnered with NCSoft to make the Horizon MMORPG

Sony is said to have partnered with NCSoft to make the Horizon MMORPG

Sony And the NCSoft A deal has been struck to create the Horizon MMORPG.

According to the news site MTNThe project will be developed by the South Korean company behind the Lineage and Guild Wars MMO series and is targeting the global market as part of Sony’s rush to live service games.

NCSoft is currently recruiting developers to work on the title, which is said to be listed as “Project H” in job postings.

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A statement from NCsoft’s Global Liaison Office has reportedly been read (via The Google Translation): “It is difficult to confirm information about unpublished projects that are currently in development.”

VGC has contacted Sony for comment on this report.

gang war gamesThe Sony-owned studio behind 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn And this year’s sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, has long planned to expand Horizon to multiplayer, VGC understands.

Sources previously told VGC that a co-op was initially planned for the first Horizon game but was eventually canceled so the development team could focus on other areas of the title.

They said Sony was also keen to include the collaboration on Forbidden West, but Guerrilla decided to save the feature for a future project, which they thought would be either a standalone online show, or Horizon 3.

last year Guerrilla was working on an online gamealthough it is unclear if the title in question is Horizon.

Among the roles announced on the studio’s website is that of Senior Social Systems Designer, whose job will include engaging players in “social interactions to create lasting relationships, and where compatible…creating guild-like groups to explore together.”

Sony is said to have partnered with NCSoft to make the Horizon MMORPG
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Another job for a senior game writer—which may or may not be related to the project itself—was looking for an individual with “extensive knowledge of story and narrative design in open-world RPGs, online games, and MMORPGs” to create “mission writing and narrative design” “.

The call of the horizon from the mountain It will be the launch title of PlayStation VR2 In February 2023, the Horizon Zero Dawn Remastered PlayStation 5 It is also said to be under development.

Sony too Working with Netflix on a TV adaptation of Horizon.