Splatoon X Pokémon My Nintendo rewards are now available

Splatoon X Pokémon My Nintendo rewards are now available

Splatoon X Pokémon My Nintendo rewards are now available

Splatoon X Pokémon My Nintendo rewards are now available
Photo: Nintendo Live / Nintendo

Update #2 [Thu 3rd Nov, 2022 17:45 GMT]: Keychains are now on the My Nintendo Store at Canada And the North Amarica.

These cost 550 My Nintendo Platinum points each, so get the ones that match your team at the next Splatfest and get represented early!

Modernization [Wed 19th Oct, 2022 14:30 BST]: Nintendo has now confirmed that all these bonus Splatoon X Pokémon? Well, they’re coming to the My Nintendo Store in North America too!

For now, the Keychain Collection is listed as “Coming Soon,” but you can get a calendar to help you count down the days to the next Splatoon 3 Splatfest And the Pokemon Scarlett and Violet launched. You can get this mini phone and PC wallpaper for 50 platinum points at My Nintendo Store Immediately.

original article [Wed 19th Oct, 2022 14:30 BST]: Splatfest next month in Splatoon 3 It will be all about my favorite monster-hunting franchise, Pokemon. After a look at some sweet co-op shirts Which resident No European version announced (NB NBNintendo), we can now see exclusive My Nintendo Rewards confirmed for Japanese buyers to celebrate the occasion.

As seen in a blog post by Nintendo JapanThe upcoming Splatfest will bring with it a set of keychains, each displaying the same Water-, Grass- or Fire-Type logo we’ve previously seen on Splatoon X Pokémon T-shirts. The keychains also show a small silhouette for the next beginner of the genre pokemon scarlet and violet – Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.

Referred to by the webmaster Tweet embed In the tweet above, the keychains will be available to purchase from Japan’s My Nintendo Store for 50 platinum points each.

Nintendo Japan Post also revealed that a sticker campaign will be launched across the country, with some game retailers and Pokémon centers giving out exclusive collaboration stickers with Scarlet and Violet pre-orders. The three different types of stickers can be found below.

Splatoon 3 Pokemon Splatfest Stickers
Photo: Nintendo

These bonuses are currently limited to Japan only, so seeing them come from the West is still only a dream at the moment. However, Pokémon-themed Splatfest launches on November 11th, so there’s still some time to reveal more rewards – we’re holding out hope!

What do you think of these new exclusive offers? Let us know if you’re lucky enough to pick one up in the comments below!

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