Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here to analyze your listening personality

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here to analyze your listening personality

he is here. The moment you’ve been waiting for. I survived iceberg And the halvesAnd now the real deal is finally here: your 2022 Spotify file

According to Spotify, 2022 was a year of “popping” where “everything happens at once,” so this year Wrapped looks inward, releasing new features that analyze users’ personalities and daily listening habits.

Starting today, November 30, every Spotify user will have a personalized wraparound experience on their mobile device, that tells them their top songs, artists of the year, and more — all of which can be shared instantly to your social media feeds.

As always, Wrapped is about the user, but this year they took things a step further and assigned listening personas to users. Babar Zafar, Vice President of Product Development for Spotify, revealed during the press preview for this year’s profile on November 29.

Much like last year sound halo, which it was inspired by popularity increase From aura and tarot readings, personal listening takes direction. The 16 Listening Personality Types take inspiration from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test. Both consist of four letters that represent different aspects of your personality. The Spotify team created these characters. The traits that combine to form your listening personality are familiarity or exploration, timelessness or freshness, loyalty or diversity, and uniqueness or commonality.

Spotify Wrapped rolls out to users today, November 30th, with new features like “Listen to the Characters.”
Credit: Spotify

Some types include ENVC, or early adopter, a trendsetter who listens to music as it comes out, and FNVU, or a specialist who dedicates himself to a select few artists.

In a specific year by dividing our lives into different erasIt’s fitting that Spotify assigns a character to our annual listening habits.

Wrapped will also unveil an “Audio Day,” which shows how users’ music tastes evolve throughout the day. Your morning, afternoon and evening reactions will be categorized into different moods and aesthetics. You are sure to have some wondering what music they wake up to.

Three phone screens with colorful designs reveal an example of Voice Day.

How does the time of day affect your listening?
Credit: Spotify

Forget the metaverse, this year’s wrap is all about the verse genre. It imagines you as an astronaut exploring a solar system of music, revealing your best music genres as different planets in your auditory galaxy.

Three phones reveal your best kind of visualization of a solar system.

get ready to go.
Credit: Spotify

To access Spotify Wrapped, just open Spotify on your mobile device.

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