Spotify’s new update brings the Apple Watch app to life

Spotify’s new update brings the Apple Watch app to life

Spotify has announced a renewed Apple Watch app, support for the latest Amazon TVs, and that it will create music playlists for Delta.

As one of the Major music streaming platformsSpotify has strived to be available on as many devices as possible. With its promise everywhere in 2018, it pledged to make the service available to anyone on any device, and in that time, it had 250 partners. Over the past four years, Spotify has managed to grow that number, now partnering with more than 2,000 different companies. Today, I’ve highlighted some of the latest products it supports from brands like Amazon, Apple, Delta, Ray-Ban, and more.

Perhaps the most exciting news from this announcement is that Spotify is revamping its app for Apple Watch. The new user interface will provide a sleek design, a larger album size, new animations and a better way to download music to your wearable device for offline listening. Perhaps one notable change is the appearance of a new blue indicator whenever a new podcast episode is published, giving users a clearer indication when a new episode is available.

In addition to the Apple Watch, Spotify is now available on Amazon’s Fire TV QLED Omni Series and can be played using the experience surrounding the TV. The TV offers excellent integration with Spotify, allowing users to make the most of the service with hands-free interactions and of course the option to navigate albums and playlists using the provided remote control or mobile phone.

Spotify will also strengthen its partnership with Delta Air Lines, taking command of the music you hear on board their fleet. Spotify will curate a monthly Delta-only playlist, which will be played during the boarding process. Every month, there will be a new playlist, giving frequent flyers something new to listen to. Finally, Spotify Tap is coming to Ray-Ban Stories, allowing users to quickly access their music from the wearable by tap and hold to quickly start playing music.

For those interested in the service, you can always try it out on your favorite Android or iOS device. It currently offers a free, ad-free paid tier starting at $9.99 per month.

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