Teams get performance boosts and new features

Teams get performance boosts and new features

Teams get performance boosts and new features

The teams took a lot improvement in October. We’re not just talking about new features – the app itself is said to be given a performance boost in various sections. It includes connection, response and switching times.

“Our goal is to improve performance with each update of Teams for our customers,” common Jeff Chen, Principal Manager of Prime at Microsoft Teams. “The latest version of the Microsoft Teams desktop client now demonstrates further improvements in latency for key scenarios. The performance gain is largely attributable to the framework improvement we introduced this month.”

Chen noted that the app now has faster HTML tree rendering alongside better JavaScript execution. Among all the improved sections, the program manager pointed out that the application switching activity received the largest performance increase.

“The most common action for a user in Teams is switching between conversations, channels and different activity feeds,” Chen said. “Over the last two years, switching between chat topics is now 32% faster, switching between channels is 39% faster. This leads to a more fluid experience that will keep you flowing.”

Chen added that join times in Teams are now 21% faster, and said other areas of its responsiveness were also up. While he didn’t detail the list, he said it would be noticeable in the user’s hand-up latency, which has improved by 16%.

The news is just one of the bigger announcements regarding team upgrades. In October, the group also introduced a number of new features, including the ability for organizers and presenters to assign seats to participants in Together mode, the ability to display shared meeting content in a separate window, live translated subtitles ( temporarily available while Premium Teams is not yet available), detailed call history and more. Microsoft also introduced new Teams-certified devices in its October news update, including the Crestron Flex, Sony YY2969 Earbuds, and Neat Frame.

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