The 10 Best Microcurrent Devices to Tighten Your Skin and Minimize Breakouts

The 10 Best Microcurrent Devices to Tighten Your Skin and Minimize Breakouts

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I’ll be honest; For a long time, I didn’t believe that Microcrack devices did anything. I’d clean my skin religiously twice a day, but for some reason, the same dedication doesn’t come naturally to me when the devices enter the chat. And therein lies the basis of my skepticism: When it comes to these tools, “you want to use it daily to get the best results,” says dermatologist. Doctor. Karan Lali, I decided to start taking before and after pictures while using my Microcurrent device, and… They do.

Facial massage is nothing new, but interest in it has increased gua sha And contouring Being all the rage again, it should come as no surprise that everyone is on the lookout for that ultra-sculpted look. While it may seem like a big time commitment, using a Microcrack device every day is actually super simple. I like to pair with myself oil cleanser For the extra slip during my morning routine, so that I can go through my day feeling chiseled and better. Here, discover the 10 best microcrack devices that will make you a believer.

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best overall


Trinity+ Starter Kit


best multi-use device


Theraface Pro


Best for on-the-go


Advanced Red Light Therapy Skincare Device


best for glowing skin


beauty tools and gold conductive gel


Best for Intense Toning


Bear™ Facial Toning Device


Best for contouring features


caixa re


best for soft skin


Ultrasonic Cleanser and Massager


best for fine lines


LUCE 4T Therapy Microcurrent Facial Wand


best for jawline

trophy skin

Microcurrent Facial Toning System Set


best for acne scars


5-in-1 Dual Color Facial Wand Complete Kit

Doctor. Karan LaliDirector of Cosmetic Surgery at Allied Dermatology in Scottsdale, Arizona

What do micro currents do?

“Microcurrent devices use low-level electrical voltage to stimulate facial skin and muscles,” says Dr. Lal. “Our muscles of facial expression are linked within a system called the SMAS—the superficial musculoponeurotic system—that helps coordinate facial movements. Over time this mechanism weakens. Microcurrent devices are believed to This stimulates and activates the system. This is why after use, you can see a subtle lift.”

Are microcurrent devices safe?

“They are safe, but a reminder that they are transferring electricity through your skin. For this reason, patients with epilepsy, pacemakers, defibrillators, and/or other implantable devices avoid microcurrent devices,” Dr. Lal warns. Always be sure to read the instructions for your device. “These devices, when used according to recommendations, provide safe results. If you are not using the recommended product, you may experience redness, Blisters and irritation may occur.”

Does the result last forever?

Although you may see results right away, “be careful, the lift is temporary, but over time it is thought that it will help maintain the stripped-down look,” says Dr. Lal. “You’ll notice a stripped-down appearance after use, but it’ll go away within a few hours at most. It takes months and even years to see continuous improvement, which will be subtle. You want to use it daily to get the best results.” “

If you want stronger and longer-lasting results, consider in-office treatments. “As a cosmetic laser surgeon, in-office treatments provide better and longer-lasting results,” says Dr. Lal. “Treatment Like” Ultherapy, skintiete, EMFACEAnd Endymade Pro There are great non-invasive options that can give you stronger results. All non-invasive options in the office, however, also provide temporary results; Thus maintenance treatment is required over time. Many times I recommend in-office procedures to begin with and then microcurrent devices to maintain results.”

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