The Classic Guide to Drattney Community Day | Pokemon GO Wiki

The Classic Guide to Drattney Community Day |  Pokemon GO Wiki

The Classic Guide to Drattney Community Day | Pokemon GO Wiki

0-6 pcs stars

For Stardust-Boosting community days, the Starpiece is an absolute must. For non-reinforced community days, the extra gains may still be worth the price of the sheer volume of catch alone.

1 incense

Incense lasts 3 hours for this event, so 1 fill is sufficient for the duration.

Keep walking! Incense generates more Pokemon as you move! Even if you’re stuck at work where nothing is excreted during the event window, popping some incense can help you get a shiny or two. Remember that “fast catching“Your incense branches will still be visible on the map after hunting.

lure units

Lure units placed during community daylight hours will last 3 hours. Playing in an area with a lot of stops will allow you to get access to a lot of deployments as well.

This Silph Road study He concludes that ice, algae, and magnetic magic double the amount of tempting eggs, with half of the eggs coming from a set list and the other half coming from the biome, which must be captured during Community Day. Because of this, using the new and improved Lure Module quickly becomes feasible, within 3 hours of CD lure bonus.

These lures can bring rare catches including some evolving skins with additional Stardust, but you may want to stay focused on the Pokemon spawn feature with the limited-window exclusive move set and the chance to shine. Sadly, Dratini isn’t attracted to any of the unique charms as a pure dragon type, so sticking with natural baits is fine.

Pro tip: Use a new Lure at 5:59. It will last for 3 hours and you can catch a few Pokémon while developing and trading Dratini. You won’t be able to be tempted by anything during community day, but there are usually a few unmanned Pokestops, hopefully in air conditioning or with comfortable seating. This may not be possible in extreme urban and rural play without a lot of connections.

0-6 lucky eggs

Community Day can be a great time to coordinate hikes in friendship levels for both players to get double experience points as both of you are likely to play. Even for events that don’t include an XP bonus, it may be worth using an egg or two due to the sheer size of the catch.

Berries and balls are large / super

It is always a good idea to stock up before the CD. Search under “Catch 3 DratiniIt can easily be accomplished to help keep Pokeballs flowing during the event. So it may not be necessary to stock in advance in all areas. Active Pokemon from Lures and Incense can also deplete your resources. Players who are short on resources should remember to They always open 20 gifts a day and upgrade their item bag storage ASAP.It’s an investment that pays off quickly, especially if you’re able to grind and store items occasionally.

thrift incubators

One of the best uses of the paid Incubators game is the Community Day events that feature a hatchable Pokémon that is 10 kilometers long. During some CDs, distinct Pokemon can be obtained via eggs at an increasing rate. For this reason, it is generally best to save brooders for juveniles that feature a reduced hatching distance.

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