The Good News Project celebrates America Recycle Day by hosting an ‘e-cycling’ event

The Good News Project celebrates America Recycle Day by hosting an ‘e-cycling’ event

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Whether it is America Recycling Day, or anytime throughout the year, the Good News Project always strives to improve the environment.

“We’re trying to be good to the environment and to each other,” says Ruleen Gartner, volunteer coordinator for the Good News Project. “And e-cycling allows us to do that.”

Created in 1983, this non-profit organization has an ‘e-cycling’ program where people can properly dispose of their electronic devices.

It is an award winning program which they attach great importance to.

“You can rest assured that when you bring your computer, your laptop, we’re destroying information,” Gartner says. “We make sure it is taken care of. We are really proud to be the only certified, award-winning recycler in the state.”

The process is simple, people leave their electronic devices, where volunteers are there to pick them up directly from their hands. They weigh items, as drop off costs 45 cents per pound. Volunteers then carefully take each device and place them in classified boxes.

For the Good News Project, they are providing not only a great resource for the community, but also a great place to serve.

“Our mission is to provide people with service opportunities,” Gartner says. “So people can come here and volunteer and do good in their community.”

A place where the impact of a volunteer never goes unnoticed.

“It’s really important that we have those volunteers,” Gartner says. “And to make these kinds of events happen, we can’t do it without them.”

Thanks to the Good News Project, 99.6% of all the electronics they collect have been taken out of landfills. Ensuring their positive impact on the environment.

For more information about the organization and how you can volunteer or donate, click here,

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