The High Pivot Prototype of the tool is machined in Canada

The High Pivot Prototype of the tool is machined in Canada

The High Pivot Prototype of the tool is machined in Canada


A few weeks ago, I was chatting with William Boisvert, the owner of Tool, and came across this “crazy new proto” I kept hearing about. A bike I knew was machined from a single piece of aluminum. it had to be seen to be believed. Between test laps at Highland Bike Park we talked about the construction process, life in Quebec, the bike market, industry needs and the company’s overall mission.

CNCspec is a shop outside Quebec City owned by Jonathan Voyer. Jo welcomed Will to his mission at the CNC. This is where the V1P2 Proto was born. Jo saw the vision, believed in Will and knew he had the will to succeed, and after countless hours of machining the bike has come to life.

Details of the tool prototype

• Head angle: 62.5 degrees
• Seat angle: 78 degrees
• Route: 500mm
• Travel: 150mm / 160mm fork
• Wheel size: 29/29 or mullet
• Material: 6061 T6 aluminum, machined in a solid block

Growing up, Will was fascinated by the construction of a company called Balfa Cycles. Balfa has been known to think outside the box in its suspension and linkage designs in the past – take the BB7, for example. Will wanted to build his own bike, however, incorporating a similar pivot feel and style, which he says are “true pioneers of high pivot design.”

The High Pivot Prototype of the tool is machined in Canada They’re just bikes! It’s not about the bike and the fancy piece of new technology, it’s about walking. The bike is a tool, a tool for walking. I want people to really love their bike. I want riders to want to keep their Gear as long as they can. We pride ourselves on getting the most out of each raw material to minimize waste. Centralizing all steps of bicycle creation locally from design to manufacturing, Tool is about producing simplicity. I think Tool is the type of bike brand the industry needs, the brand it doesn’t have. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re different. William Boisvert

*Shout out to the few companies that embrace the vision. thanks to We Are One Composites, OneUp components, S4 Suspension and Hope Tech Brakes.

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