The iPad 10’s USB-C port hides severe limitations

The iPad 10’s USB-C port hides severe limitations

The iPad 10’s USB-C port hides severe limitations

Although it got USB-C for the first time, the port is on the 10th generation IPAD he is very limited Compared with the ipad miniAnd the iPad AirAnd the iPad ProI have appeared.

The iPad 10’s USB-C port hides severe limitations
As noted in Initial Reviews From the 10th generation ‌iPad‌, the device’s USB-C port is much slower than all the other new iPad‌ models. It is limited to USB 2.0 speeds of up to 480Mbps for data transfer. This means that despite being equipped with a USB-C port, the 10th generation ‌iPad‌ has data transfer speeds equivalent to its predecessor, the ‌9th generation ‌iPad‌, with a Lightning connector.

As such, the only practical improvement with the port is form factor and inclusion, not any performance gains. The drawback is notable because USB 2.0 speeds with a USB-C port are somewhat unusual and the Lightning connector has been widely criticized for its slow transfer speeds.

All other iPad‌ models with USB-C ports have faster data transfer speeds. iPad Pro models with an accessory m 1 A Thunderbolt 3-compatible chip or later for data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, the fifth generation ‌iPad Air‌ capable of transmitting up to 10Gbps, and the fourth generation ‌iPad Air‌ and the latest iPad mini‌ access speeds of up to 5Gbps.

Apple didn’t mention the slower USB-C port on the new iPad‌ tech-spec page, but Mac rumors Independently confirmed that the device is limited to USB 2.0 speeds. This limitation may not be significant to most customers in the iPad‌ target market, but it’s still an important factor that may guide some customers who rely on faster wire transfers toward the iPad mini ‌ or iPad Air‌. AirDrop is also an option for faster wireless transfers.

Pricing for the new ‌iPad‌ starts at $449 in the US, while the iPad mini‌ and iPad Air‌ start at $499 and $599, respectively. Other key new features of the 10th generation ‌iPad‌ over the previous entry-level model include a larger 10.9-inch screen with slimmer bezels, flat edges, A14 Bionic chip, USB-C port, and Connection ID Power button, horizontal confrontation time Camera, 5G support on cellular models, Wi-Fi 6, and support for the new two-piece Magic Keyboard Folio accessory with a row of function keys. The device is available in blue, pink, silver and yellow.

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