The IRS Has Lots of Jobs to Fill at Taxpayer Help Centers

The IRS Has Lots of Jobs to Fill at Taxpayer Help Centers

Other than this Recently hired over 4,000 people To fill critical customer service representative positions, the IRS is now looking for more than 700 new employees to assist taxpayers at Taxpayer Assistance Centers nationwide.

“Providing more service to the IRS is an important priority for the coming filing season,” said Ken Corbin, IRS Taxpayer Experience Officer and Wage and Investment Division Commissioner. “We are working for more than 270 walk-in sites which are properly staffed to provide necessary and qualified assistance to the taxpayers. This will be the first time in a decade that our walk-in site will be fully staffed.

This increase in staffing is part of broader IRS reforms enabled by funding of the Inflation Reduction Act approved in August 2022, and additional updates on the implementation of the historic 10-year law will be provided soon.

IRS employees not only serve the agency but are mandated to the nation’s tax administration, which collects about 96% of the nation’s revenue needed to fund nearly all federal government programs. The work we do supports the nation’s most important initiatives ranging from homeland security and American defense to social security as well as programs and projects including parklands and forests, roads and bridges, libraries, museums, schools and more .

For these 700 openings, the technical positions required are individual Taxpayer Consultant Specialists, who provide face-to-face assistance at Taxpayer Assistance Centers, and Early Assistance Representatives, visiting Taxpayer Assistance Centers to meet and determine the needs of taxpayers. are responsible.

These important positions offer highly competitive salaries and benefits, including on-the-job training, advancement opportunities, health and life insurance, and a federal retirement.

The IRS also offers a wealth of workplace flexibility to help employees balance career and home, with 11 paid vacations, 13 vacation days, and sick leave. Other work/life balance programs include flexible work programs, child care subsidy programs, employee assistance programs, health services and paid maternity/paternity leave.

In addition to face-to-face representatives and phone assistants, the IRS is working to hire additional people throughout the agency — not only in taxpayer service areas, but in information technology and compliance positions. The IRS does.

The IRS is an equal opportunity employer and hires talented and dedicated individuals from many backgrounds. The IRS encourages those looking for a new opportunity or who are just starting a work-life to consider an IRS career.

All employees must be US citizens and pass an FBI fingerprint check and tax compliance verification. Federal experience is not required. The applicant may have experience in the public sector, private sector or volunteer service.

Potential employees are encouraged to attend an upcoming IRS career information session to learn more about the position and requirements, how to apply, and all the benefits of federal service.

register For recruitment information session November 17th at 1 p.m. ET.

To know more about these positions visit usajobs, To learn about other open positions in the IRS, visit IRS Careers Page.

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