The Last Of Us Multiplayer Dev hires the designer of the Fortnite Battle Pass

The Last Of Us Multiplayer Dev hires the designer of the Fortnite Battle Pass

obedient dog Continue to grow her team in the future The Last of Us multiplayer game The title, where the company kidnapped Anders Howard, former Epic Games’ battle arcade designer. fortnite.

Howard confirmed the news on Twitter with a shot of him in the offices of the Sony-owned, Santa Monica-based development studio, with the caption “Hell yeah!” According to his LinkedIn profile, Howard joined Naughty Dog just this month as a lead designer for monetization.

Having previously served at Ubisoft Stockholm, Howard also spent seven years with Epic Games where he “helped form the core of the battle pass progression strategy” and participated in no fewer than 12 seasons of content via the feature. In addition to this, he also worked on the progression of the Rocket League and Fall Guys battle passes.

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We don’t have confirmation that Howard is actually working on The Last of Us multiplayer, but it’s not hard to imagine given his past experiences.

As for the game itself, The Last of Us multiplayer is a standalone version of the online Factions mode seen in the original game, albeit on a much larger scale. The game will be set inA busy city with many detailsand will feature an extension An all-new story in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Last of Us multiplayer hasn’t pulled a release date.

[Source – GamesRadar]

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