The pepper mill is the unofficial sequel to the drilling tractor we’ve always dreamed of

The pepper mill is the unofficial sequel to the drilling tractor we’ve always dreamed of

Trust Devolver Digital to deliver something unusual – and fun to look at. It was one of the surprise announcements from today’s Indie World Showcase pepper grinder, a great-looking pixel-design side panel from developer Ahr Ech. And our little Game Boy Advance hearts were pounding when we saw how the shipwrecked, shipwrecked Pepper pirate flies around these levels – with a workout!

yes! Our hearts were racing as we watched Pepper slide and ramble with her powerful, reliable tool. This is a high-speed supplement to digging tractor We’ve always wanted it, and now we’re getting it in 2023! She even called her drill – a grinder.

Here is the game summary from eShop page:

Pepper Grinder is an action-packed hacking adventure starring titular Pepper, a sailing soul with a passion for exploration, and the Grinder, her super powerful drilling rig.

After the ship is wrecked and robbed of her treasure, Bieber must spin her trusty sidearm to recover what the mischievous Narlings have stolen. Armed with a grinder, Pepper burrows across terrain and water, takes control of machines, and crushes all enemies, blocking the path toward reclaiming her lost fortune – with interest!

Pepper’s progress will not be so simple, as mysterious beings begin to emerge from the shadows…”

Basically, this looks like a Drill Dozer with sonic colors“Wisp drill is mechanical. To get around, you’ll need to dig deep and go down in the mud to solve puzzles and fight enemies. There are stunning looking art bugs, crystallized gears, and daffodils (maybe??) that use rubber rings to navigate your way past in this cool side-scrolling action game.”

What do you think of Pepper Grinder during the Indie world today? Dive into the comments and tell us!

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