The trailer for The Whale movie shows Brendan Fraser returning to Hollywood

The trailer for The Whale movie shows Brendan Fraser returning to Hollywood

Brendan Fraser needs to come back. What he got was Whale, which may have given him the role of a lifetime. A little over two decades ago, Fraser movie titles like mummy And the George the forest, as well as a variety of wacky comics. Fraser has also given episodic dramas, including his breakout performance in Gods and monsters. But Whale Quite another thing. He might even give Fraser his first Best Actor nomination at next year’s Academy Awards.

whale | HD Official Trailer | A 24

As seen in the trailer above, Fraser plays Charlie, a man who was once a family man with a wife and daughter. However, Charlie left them behind because he fell in love with another man. And when Charlie’s lover died, he became frighteningly overweight and weighed 600 pounds. His actions are born out of grief, but Charlie doesn’t have to simply give up and let himself die. He still has a chance to make things right with his daughter Ellie.

Brendan Fraser is seen alongside him in The Whale.

Weird things Notable Sadie Sink co-stars as Ellie, who is the emotional heart of the film. There is a real question as to whether this father and daughter can successfully reconnect because she has lingering feelings of betrayal. That is the whole point of this drama, to see if the relationship can be saved.

Hong Chu co-stars in the film as Liz, Charlie’s nurse and best friend, with Samantha Morton as his ex-wife and mother of Elle Marie. Actors Tai Simpkins concluded as Thomas and Sathya Sridharan as Dan.

Books by Samuel D. Hunter screenplay based on his original play of the same name. Directed by Darren Aronofsky Whalewhich will be released nationwide on Friday, December 9.

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