There is a Chrome extension that shows who has been paid to be verified on Twitter and who is “really verified”.

There is a Chrome extension that shows who has been paid to be verified on Twitter and who is “really verified”.

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  • Twitter started rolling out its Twitter Blue check this week.

  • It offers users the option to pay $8 per month for blue check verification

  • A new Chrome extension discovers authentically verified and paid-to-play accounts.

A new Chrome extension lets you instantly see whether Twitter users have paid for the blue verification checkmark and which ones have been verified before Elon Musk unveils the new version of Twitter Blue.

Visually, previously verified accounts and those who have purchased Musk’s new $8/month Twitter Blue the checked check mark looks the same. Only when you go to the user page and click on the blue checkmark will one of two messages appear:

Next to the verified account and the Twitter Blue account


The Eight dollars the extension allows users to shortcut the process and see in their Twitter feed which accounts have paid for verification and which have not. Accounts are displayed as “actually verified” or “paid for verification”.

The extension saves users the step of having to go to a profile page to check an account’s status.

A screenshot of the fake BP Oil Twitter account


Verification status is also displayed on the user’s profile page.

eight dollars next to the chrome extension


Musk’s Twitter began to spread The controversial Twitter Blue initiative on Tuesday, charge $8 a month to pay for the brand and a many other advantages for the price

at the beginning of the month Musk He railed against Twitter’s previous verified account system, calling it a “gentleman and peasant system” for one with or without a blue badge.

Musk has said his Blue Twitter check mark “It will democratize journalism and empower the voice of the people,” but he has also accepted a financial incentive for the push. In an email to Twitter employees across the company Wednesday nightMusk said the company’s financial situation was “dire”.

“Without meaningful subscription revenue, there’s a good chance Twitter won’t survive the next economic downturn. We need roughly half of our revenue to be subscriptions,” he said.

Since its launch on Tuesday, the site has been plagued with widespread misinformation (in one case, Fake LeBron James He freaked out Lakers fans when he asked for a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers), and Musk himself admitted in a Twitter town hall on Wednesday that it “might be a dumb decision, but we’ll see.”

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