This Wii has an Apple M1 inside

This Wii has an Apple M1 inside

The convenient little logic board of the M1 Mac mini gave the Mini ITX format a run for its money if modified. The most recent example [Luke Miani]M1 Wii. (YouTube via 9to5Mac)

[Miani] The Wii chose the new frame for this Mac mini due to its similar form factor and recessed door set at the top to keep I/O access to the computer, something it wasn’t able to do with one of the previous M1s. . The completed design is a great stealth way to have your Mac mini in your entertainment center. [Miani] He even spends the last several minutes of the video featuring M1 Wii games powering the Wii, GameCube, and PS2 to complete.

The Microsoft Surface power brick was split into the original Wii power cable because the Wii PSU didn’t have enough electrical power to supply the Mac mini without too much throttling. Inside, the power passes through a buck converter before making its way to the logic board. While the original Mini fan was too large to fit inside a Wii enclosure, the 12v mini fan was able to maintain performance similar to the OEM and well above the M1’s fanless operation without a heat spreader.

If you want to see more M1 devices, check this out iMac lampshade or the Mac Mini Mini.

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