Three months ago, the god of war, Ragnarok Dev, said, ‘Holy crap, the game is not good. What should we do?’

Three months ago, the god of war, Ragnarok Dev, said, ‘Holy crap, the game is not good. What should we do?’

Three months ago, much earlier God of War Ragnarok IGN and many others gave perfect ratings, and some developers were “terrified” and thought to themselves, “Holy crap, the game isn’t good. What are we going to do?”

Talking to gq uk, Eric Williams, Director of God of War Ragnarok, was asked how he stays motivated and deals with the pressures of pursuing one of the most beloved games in recent memory in God of War 2018.

Besides the post that some people don’t realize isn’t as easy as it might seem to follow a game that’s reached high altitudes like, “You never hear anyone say, ‘The second I climbed Everest, it was easy'” also provided some great insights about The mentality of the team just three months ago.

“When you work with people who are at the top of what they do, you get the magic,” Williams said. “I just came from a room with these guys in it. All I can say to them is, ‘Thank you.’ They were freaking out three months ago, ‘Holy crap, the game isn’t good.’ What are we going to do?” I can’t even imagine how they feel today. I wish I had a time machine to go back and feel that way.”

Williams also discussed the decision to make The Journey of Norse Mythology Kratos is in only two games, not a trilogy.

“We knew what most of the big plot points would be,” Williams said of what they learned about going to Ragnarok after finishing God of War 2018. “But at the time we were still talking about ‘Will it be two games or three games?’ ” me and [Cory Barlog] They were kind of on the side of two, but the team had already bought into the triple. So we’re like, “Okay, how do we get this far?”

“It’s hard to do. [the team] We started by saying, ‘Okay, are we just going to combine two games into one? Because that would be impossible. People know [trilogies] And when things change, people feel uncomfortable. But this is where the magic usually happens. If I don’t feel scared, as if I’m literally going to be fired every day, because I screw up, I don’t feel like I’m doing it right.”

Although some things have been reset and reconfigured for speed, Williams also confirmed that God of War Ragnarok’s story wasn’t cut back at all after they decided to make this saga just two games.

We were here at IGN all for team decisions as God of War Ragnarok gave us a rare 10/10. In our review, We said, “A captivating sight to behold and an even more exciting scene to take over, God of War Ragnarok blends action and adventure together to create an unforgettable new Norse saga. Impeccable writing, pitch-perfect performances, and knockout action – it’s a complete work of art from top to bottom lowest “.

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