Top news: iOS 16.2 is in mid-December, no new Macs until 2023, and more

Top news: iOS 16.2 is in mid-December, no new Macs until 2023, and more

Top news: iOS 16.2 is in mid-December, no new Macs until 2023, and more

Apple’s clear final hardware launch of 2022 is available with the latest Apple TV 4K, as it looks like we won’t see any updates for the Mac until early next year.

Top news: iOS 16.2 is in mid-December, no new Macs until 2023, and more
However, there’s still more on the calendar before the end of the year, including the holiday shopping season and software updates like iOS 16.2 that will bring a number of new features and improvements when they’re released in another month or so. This week also saw rumors of future products like the iPhone 15 and iPhone SE 4, so read on for details on these stories and more!

iOS 16.2 is expected to be released in mid-December with many new features

After the release of the initial beta builds of iOS 16.2 and related updates last week, we now have a file Estimated time frame for public releasewith BloombergMark Gorman has indicated that it will launch in mid-December.

iOS 16

Will bring updates A number of new features Including the integration of live activities for specific sports via the built-in TV app, the new iPhone Lock Screen Sleep tool, the new Freeform collaborative app across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more.

Gurman: Apple plans not to release new Mac versions for the remainder of 2022

While previous rumors suggested that we could see some Mac updates before the end of the year, it appears that is no longer the case. BloombergMark Gorman says updated Mac models like the MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Pro It won’t appear until at least the first quarter of 2023.

Apple silicone mac wwdc 2022 lineup

This claim matches Apple CFO Luca Maestri’s comments in Earnings conference call last week He noted that “Apple’s lineup of products is set” for the holidays and that Mac sales will see Significant decrease year on year in the current quarter.

Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro models feature solid-state buttons and three push-pull drivers

Volume and power buttons on next year’s iPhone 15 models They may not be mechanical buttons And it could move to solid-state design, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple Tabtic Engine

Similar to the Home button on iPhone 7 and later models with Touch ID, the physical click of the side buttons on upcoming models can be replaced with haptic feedback using two additional Taptic Engines.

The change will come at the same time that Apple is moving to a USB-C port instead of Lightning in next year’s iPhone models, marking the first change to the physical connector in more than a decade.

Apple TV 4K 2022 reviews: Faster, more affordable with HDR10+ support and USB-C remote control, but largely unchanged

What appears to be Apple’s last product launch of 2022 took place this week with the third generation Apple TV 4K, and ahead of its launch on Friday, Opinions from various media publications and YouTubers hit the web. We’ve done that too Our unboxing brief and hands-on With the new box on launch day.

Apple TV 4K Yellow BG

The new Apple TV is a modest update, but it offers faster performance, HDR10+ support, a USB-C charging port on the remote control, and a slimmer and lighter fanless design. Most importantly, it comes at a lower price.

Apple hasn’t finalized iPhone SE 4 screen details, 5.7-inch to 6.1-inch OLED and LCD screens under consideration

Apple’s budget iPhone SE still relies on an outdated design with a home button and large top and bottom display edges, but it looks like the next version planned for release in 2024 will come with A big upgrade from the current 4.7 inch screen.

iPhone 4 rate

What exactly this upgrade will entail is not yet settled, though display analyst Ross Young claimed this week that Apple is weighing options that include a 6.1-inch OLED display and a 5.7-inch or 6.1-inch LCD.

Apple now sells refurbished M2 MacBook Air models

Just a few months after its launch in July, the M2 MacBook Air models appeared Began to appear in the Apple online store for refurbished products.

Pink M2 MacBook Air

The store offers a discount of approximately 10% over all-new prices, and refurbished Apple products undergo an extensive refurbishment process to make them nearly identical to all-new units. Refurbished units are also eligible for AppleCare and have the same standard one-year warranty and 14-day return policy.

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