Twitch and Xbox Give Flint a Trial Away to PC Game Pass

Twitch and Xbox Give Flint a Trial Away to PC Game Pass

Twitch and Xbox Give Flint a Trial Away to PC Game Pass

The image shows the Xbox Game Pass logo above a smartphone resting on a keyboard.

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Here’s something you might want to know: For the next week, Twitch has partnered with Microsoft and is offering a three-month PC Game Pass trial to Twitch users who have purchased two subscriptions.

From November 3 through November 11, Twitch viewers who purchase two or gift subscriptions from their favorite streaming devices (usually $4.99 a pop, about $10) will get a three-month trial for the gaming service. On-demand which is very popular from Microsoft. Note, however, that the three-month trial is only good for the PC version of Game Pass.

If you do, you’ll receive a code sent to your Twitch notification inbox to redeem your three-month Game Pass trial at Xbox website. Fair warning, the offer is only valid for new Game Pass members, and will not be available to Twitch viewers in every county. To see if your posting point makes you eligible for this free trial, as well as other finer details, be sure to Check out the official blog post for Twitch about the upgrade.

“This is just one of the ways we are trying to give you more to watch and stream on Twitch,” Twitch wrote on the blog. “This is a plus for everything you already receive from subcasting to your favorite broadcasters, including custom emojis, badges, channel score multipliers, plus ad-free viewing and sub-chat only – when enabled.”

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For those who still feel Halloween spiritTwitch’s giveaway comes just in time considering that this month’s Game Pass offerings will include the likes of Ebb Software’s Cronenberg-esque first-person horror adventure. mockerypuzzle game full of rats, A Plague’s Tale: Requiemand the first two seasons of Telltale Games and Skybound Games the walking Dead. It also probably doesn’t hurt to show some of your favorite streamers some love by throwing them a few bucks in front of Twitch’s parent company, Amazon, Take a larger share of broadcast advertising revenue. (Dan Clancy, president of Twitch, attributes the upcoming pay cut to increased server costs.)

Three-month trial codes for Twitch’s Game Pass expire at midnight on November 18, so if you get one, don’t waste any time before redeeming.

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