Twitter employees shouldn’t sleep in the office

Twitter employees shouldn’t sleep in the office

Twitter employees shouldn’t sleep in the office

For some Twitter employees under Elon Musk, sleeping in the office appears to be an absolute necessity – the physical embodiment of the tech industry’s “hustle culture”.

He says it’s also completely unnecessary and the kitchena software engineer and former Apple designer who helped build the first iPhone and iPad.

Kocienda’s 15-year tenure at Apple, which ended in 2017, included working under Steve Jobs on several notable projects. And although functions are often remembered as a file requirement headKosenda says he never had to spend the night at work.

“I was on this [Apple] Teams from the early stages and not once did I come close to sleeping in the office. He wrote in: “It’s not an essential part of doing a great job” Share on Twitter Sunday.

Kosenda, now a product engineer at tech startup Humane, has been scrutinizing the workplace drama that began last week with a viral photo of Twitter CEO and project manager Esther Crawford sleeping on the floor of her office.

Crawford retweeted the photo, adding a caption: “When your team works around the clock to set deadlines, sometimes you #SleepWhereYouWork.”

She later added that she was proud of the “strength and resilience” of the Twitter team, noting that this was “not an ordinary moment in time” for the company.

Crawford’s retweet received more than 3,000 “likes”, and a mix of support from well-wishers and criticism, with one Twitter user calling the photo evidence of “toxic workplace. “

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman gave his opinion on Saturday evening, writing, “This is how great new things are built, more often than anyone was willing to say during the Cultural Revolution of the last decade in Silicon Valley.” .

Kosenda quickly objected to this, to which he replied, “No, that is wrong.”

In follow-up posts, Kocienda noted that he “worked hard at the time at Apple,” still working in his current role as a tech startup — but that doesn’t necessarily mean you live and breathe your work.

“I have no problem with people who want to devote themselves to their jobs more than I do,” he wrote. “Sleep in the office if you want to or think you should. But – it’s not a requirement to do the best job.”

“The goal is high quality, not just high effort,” he added.

Kocienda and Crawford did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It’s requests for comment.

The “porn hustleThe trend of technology founders and CEOs Take pride in working around the clock Sleeping in their offices is nothing new.

Musk, the new CEO of Twitter – which is said to be in the works More than 3,700 workers have been laid off on Twitter – He brags about sleeping in his office for years and at several different companies, From starting the Zip2 web program in the 1990’s to Tesla in 2018.

This direction has many critics. Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit He called it “Sam” and potential damage to the careers of young workers, as CNBC Make It reported in 2018.

else Experts point to unhealthy work habits – Like feeling pressured to work around the clock – as reasons for Slight increase in staff depletion. “We all have the ability to work before the quality of our work is compromised,” burnout management coach Emily Ballesteros CNBC Make It . said last year.

Even Jobs, who constantly demanded high-quality work, did not believe in working 24/7.

It may be for jobs Fill Apple employees with business ideas While on vacation, but also made the point of “prioritizing his well-being”, including meditating and trying to always get enough sleep, his former assistant Naz Beheshti CNBC Make It . said last year.

Beheshti said this approach gave him “the energy, clarity and vision to sustain his success and build Apple”.

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