Twitter’s new verification system seems to be working great

Twitter’s new verification system seems to be working great

“Genius” at work.
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Twitter has always been hell, but at its best, it can be a very funny hell. It follows, then, that the extremely wealthy man recycling meme attached and The least favorite in the world Soundcloud artist Elon Musk buy company And the sacked a whole group of its employees in order to run it method Made the whole place more messy, horrible, and ultimately, funny (The way it would be funny to see a clown’s car fall into a bowl of acid).

While the social media platform is being destroyed in All kinds of waysIt’s Musk’s revamped verification system – which allows users to Buy a check mark that was referring to the official the account At a price decided by Stephen King Don’t reply to a tweet—This produces the most entertaining results. This is because, as everyone expected, it is very easy to do Fake another identity For the $8 per month payment, you can just cancel and charge your credit card back after making a joke.

As soon as the new verification system was introduced, “official” tweets of all kinds began to appear. Stephen Monacelli Captured one of the “Nintendo of America” Mario appears flipping the bird And the last of the character gasping for lust On his brother Luigi.

Nikki McCann Ramirez I inserted this Mario picture side by side Other examples Than the program works as intended. There’s Ben Shapiro’s tweet saying “Matt Walsh won’t stop calling me and talking about genitals” and Elon Musk introducing a new Twitter subscription that he hopes will bring Grimes back.

Joshua Hill He compiled a list of some other best examples of a verification system that protects users from misinformation, creating Subject where he and others The results can be fleshed out with things like “George W. Bush” wistfully reflecting on his days of mass murder (and “Tony Blair”) Swinging with Solidarity). There’s also Rudy Giuliani. tweet it Once, George Soros pushed me into the street and for several minutes I lay on my back like a turtle or he “would like to announce that I am calming down.”

We’ve also seen tweets from “President Biden” about jerking“Dave Chappelle” Stating that he is TERF, “OJ Simpson” no longer admits to murder, “valve” Announcing a new game“LeBron James” trade order, Two Pope Francis es Talking to Martin Luther, Pope John Paul I, and last but not least, TwitterWalking around to run a crypto scam.

We can’t see exactly how all this is helps mankind Other than giving us a few laughs at the expense of the dipshit billionaire stumbling upon his shoelace, but, again, we’re not Geniuses like musk.

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