UMD Security Notice 10/31/2022 | UMPD News

UMD Security Notice 10/31/2022 | UMPD News

Incident: Theft (without a weapon)

Event: October 31, 2022 (Mon) / around 2pm

Location: Regents Drive Pier (in front of Annapolis Hall), College Park, Maryland

UMPD Case Number: 2022-83336

Brief details:

On October 31, 2022, at approximately 3:34 p.m., the University of Maryland Police Department was notified of a burglary (without a weapon) that occurred at approximately 2 p.m., today.

A man (student) reported to the police that he was walking on the sidewalk along Regents Road, in front of Annapolis Hall, when a man approached him. The man asked the student for money to buy an item from a local institution. The student retrieved the money from his wallet with the intent of giving the man a specified amount of cash. When the student was withdrawing cash from his wallet, the suspect took a larger bill and started walking away. The victim followed the suspect and asked him for his money back. The suspect then verbally threatened the victim if he did not leave him alone. The suspect was last seen walking toward Annapolis Hall.

Photos of the suspect can be seen over here.

The Criminal Investigation Unit of the University of Maryland Police Department is investigating this incident.

Anyone with any information regarding this incident and/or the possible identity of the suspect, is encouraged to contact the police at 301-405-3555. Individuals wishing to remain anonymous can send an email .

When available for release, additional information can be obtained by accessing the “UMD Security Notice” portion of our website: And the

Safety Tips:

The University of Maryland Police Department provides a walking escort service for anyone who feels unsafe walking on or near campus. If you would like to have a foot facility, please call to order one at 301-405-3555. You can also use the blue light emergency phone to call an escort.

Stay alert and in tune with the people and circumstances around you.

Trust your instincts. It is a natural gift that tells you when something is wrong.

If you notice suspicious activity or behavior, contact the police immediately by calling 3333 from a mobile phone or 3333-405301.

See something, say something!

Be smart, be safe!

Download UMD Guardian Application through Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can create a virtual safety escort or you can send a tip to the UMPD.

Safety Resources:

University of Maryland Police Department

Emergency number 301-405-3333 / #3333 from a mobile phone / 911

Prince George’s County Police Department

911 from mobile phone / 301-352-1200 (non-emergency) / 911

UMD Police Walk Escort

Non-emergency: 301-405-3555

Nate Ride


Help Center (peer counseling and crisis intervention)


Counseling Center


CARE Office (a free and confidential resource for those affected by sexual and relationship violence)

Health Center


Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Offenses (OCRSM)


[email protected]

UMD Alerts

Sent by email via UMD Alerts to UMD Students/Faculty/Staff

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