Video games conquer the art world at MoMA’s Never Alone

Video games conquer the art world at MoMA’s Never Alone

Video games conquer the art world at MoMA’s Never Alone

Video games conquer the art world at MoMA’s Never Alone
Zoom / Video games .. in a museum?!

A crowd of people gather to watch. Everyone is smiling, cheering for backman Gamer as you dash through a maze, escaping from ghosts in search of pellets and fruits.

People aren’t in a gallery – they’re in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. Outside the exhibition space, a screen worthy of Times Square flashes among 36 video games at the new MoMA exhibition Never Alone: ​​Video Games as Interactive Design.

Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA and one of the minds behind it I’m not aloneHe talks passionately about the show. “It’s a presentation on interaction design, and video games are some of the purest and clearest examples of interaction design,” she told me.

I’m not alone It is about how interaction with interactive design (which includes video games, among other things) shapes how we act, learn and interact with the world. It is also an exploration of how video games connect with us and create communities, where audiences gather around backman Explains the player.

more than art

The debate over whether video games are considered “art” is a tiresome and boring debate. It’s also one of the things MoMA generally shirks from, treating video games as essentially interactive design objects, even though they contain artistic elements. In design, what you see is what you get; In art things are more blurry.

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Zoom / Publish the cover of the brochure along with Never Alone: ​​Video Games as Interactive Design Show.

But avoiding the word “word” doesn’t mean the museum treats video games as “less.” in Interactive Design IdeasJohn Kolko defines interactive design as “the creation of a dialogue between a person and a product, system or service. This dialogue is of a physical and emotional nature and manifests in the interaction between function and technology as it has occurred over time.”

Kolko’s definition is a useful guiding principle I’m not alone Its focus is on allowing visitors to interact with its games. The art pieces in the museum are often sent to be viewed from afar, creating something of a barrier between the viewer and the work. in I’m not aloneBy contrast, a lot of time, effort and thought was taken to make the exhibition as accessible and interactive as possible.

For example, platforms are placed where consoles and other input devices are intentionally placed at a lower level so that everyone, regardless of height or physical condition, can play. The games are also presented in such a way that others can see them; Paul emphasized that “Gaming is about watching others play as much as yourself, and this becomes a social thing. So we wanted to make sure there were as many opportunities for that as possible.”

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