Weekly Authority: 📱 Pixel 7 32-bit support

Weekly Authority: 📱 Pixel 7 32-bit support

⚡ Welcome to Weekly Authority, Android Authority newsletter breaking down the best Android and tech news of the week. The 222nd edition here, with Pixel 7 32-bit support (unofficial), a plethora of Black Friday goodies, all the latest Twitter drama (which seems to be an ongoing thing, now), stunning views of the moon from NASA’s Orion and more…

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I hope you all enjoy the holidays and are full of turkey with all the trimmings (or whatever delicious holiday meal you’ve been enjoying). I’ve been browsing PS5 game deals but haven’t made a purchase… yet.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably noticed that it’s Black Friday weekend. We’ve got a roundup of all the best deals, money-saving tips and more coming your way…

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