What are Android rules and how do you create a Do Not Disturb rule?

What are Android rules and how do you create a Do Not Disturb rule?

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Grammar. We all know them. Some follow them, some break them, and some make them. But when it comes to phones, what are the rules? I’m not talking about whether you should use it or not while queuing at the bank or not Block an annoying acquaintance Who keeps blowing up your phone with nonsense.

I’m talking about the rules you create that automate changes to your device, based on your Wi-Fi connection or location.

For example, you might have a work phone that you use and want to automatically switch to Do Not Disturb when you get home after a long day of field calls. It seems nice that you never have to remember to silence this phone when you get home.

Even better, when you leave the house, your Android device will automatically go back to harassing you until you come home. It is a useful feature. And since it’s been around since Android 10, it probably will be there for you.

I’ll show you how to create an Android base that does exactly what I described above – switch your device to Do Not Disturb once you get home.

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What are Android rules and how do you create a Do Not Disturb rule?


The only thing you will need for this is an Android device running at least version 10 of the operating system. That’s it… Let’s set some rules.

Open the Settings app from the Notification Shade or App Drawer and tap on System > Rules to open the Rules screen.

Android rules screen.

You must first enable the app to run in the background.

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For this feature to work, you must allow the app to run in the background. As the warning states, this may cause additional battery drain, but I didn’t notice the drain was that much. To enable this, click Next, then click Allow when prompted.

Battery drain warning for Android rules.

Read the warning carefully.

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Back in the Rules window, click Add Rule. On the resulting screen, tap Add Wi-Fi or Location, then select a wireless network or type an address for the location.

Once you take care of that, decide what you want the device to do when you arrive. In this example, select Turn on Do Not Disturb. You can optionally enable the notification, which will send a notification to the Notification Shade.

Android base configuration screen.

Create a new Android rule.

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After taking care of that, you can then back out of the Settings app and trust that when you get home, the device will be put into Do Not Disturb mode.

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And that’s it to add an Android base to make your life more convenient.

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