Why doesn’t the Batman world need a DCEU

Why doesn’t the Batman world need a DCEU

Why doesn’t the Batman world need a DCEU

between DC . Movies Still wrestling with how to correct the course of a cinematic universe that has faltered nearly as fast as it began, the new executive team has decided on a Warner Bros. merger. Discovery Evisceration HBO Max Content, things are no more clear for DCEU than they were two years ago. However, director Matt Reeves and actor Robert Pattinson seem to be tied down after their critical and commercial success BatmanSuch as The director recently drafted a new comprehensive film deal – Refurbishing the TV.

This high-stakes crime thriller finally offered the world’s greatest detective some of his other definitive traits, and it’s proven capable of standing on its own two feet apart from the wider and darker cinematic universe. With a sequel in development and HBO Max spin-offs on the way, Reeves’ Batman The universe is more than capable enough to live and thrive without any contacts with the main DCEU.

Avoid the burden of a huge cinematic world

Why doesn’t the Batman world need a DCEU

Amid a growing sense of fatigue from a near-relentless output of superhero fanfare desperate to cash in on the format, it’s clear that the obsession behind the “cinematic universe” formula has eroded the individual quality of many of these projects. Both MCU And DCEU has made some solid films (some more than others), but it’s part of what made it Batman Feeling special and fresh is that it was a movie that didn’t feel like it was produced on an assembly line or by a commission.

To be fair, DC has had some notable successes in recent years with the likes of the former amazing woman And the Aquaman, which are part of the main interconnected universe. But even so, it didn’t achieve the consistency of its releases needed to structurally recover from DCEU’s early stir when WB knocked it out the door in a half-baked action to mimic the MCU.

joker as an independent effort Continuity wise – it may have had some special circumstances surrounding its phenomenal success, but it was certainly evidence that comic book adaptations outside of cinematic realms can still work.

Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight in The Batman red promotional art.

What Reeves has in store with Batmanuniverse will certainly be greater than the Joker in terms of scope, but if this first movie is any indication, it is sure to have a unique identity among its genre contemporaries.

It can be surprising to hear something like this given how often words like this are thrown on social media. However, having an author director like Reeves at the helm of this world ensures that his Batman, his Gotham City, and everyone else who inhabits it engages in projects that focus on telling a full, satisfying story first — and continuing second.

The best of both worlds in terms of size

Robert Pattinson as Batman in a dimly lit crime scene.

Perhaps in another timeline, audiences will have had a DC theatrical scientist who took his time and interest in each of his films from the start, along with Batman who ventured into metaphysics alongside the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman. However, what Reeves and Pattinson have shown on screen in the current background alone impresses everyone.

Batman Finally he puts some living respect on the title of The World’s Greatest Detective by showing off a version of the hero he builds up to realize this title’s potential. Gotham City feels like a grim, pulsating character similar to how Tim Burton accomplished the same feat in his own vision, and its primary setting harkens back to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy without feeling like a cheap copy.

But what the director is preparing to do can combine the best aspects of the Nolan trilogy with an exciting world-building blockbuster. Batman is a character whose sandbox is so rich that he and his supporting crew can easily populate his contained world, and a fully realized trilogy along with upcoming sub-elements can confirm that.

Split Portrait of Batman and Joker in Reeves' World.

That, in and of itself, is something of a greater order of magnitude than the Nolan trilogy, but narrower than something like the MCU or the DCEU. Even in this opening trilogy, world building was already impressively on display through the backdrop of decades-old organized crime families, the turmoil surrounding Bruce Wayne’s parents and Arkham’s history, and the Batman/Joker dynamic that had been developing for two years already.

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Barry Keoghan’s grim depiction of the clown prince of crime in the film’s scene and the deleted omission is a prime example of how, in canon, BatmanThe universe is full of legends both inside and outside the movie itself.

The Batman – Arkham Deleted Scene (2022) Robert Pattinson, Barry Keoghan

The future is bright for Batman theatrically, as the same level of creativity taken with Paul Dano’s iteration of Riddler can be extended to older members of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery without getting bored. Even beyond that, though, are the aforementioned sub-scores in the works of HBO Max.

penguin Filming is set to begin early next year to give Colin Farrell’s transformative – figuratively and literally – villainous introduction. Scarface-Like the lights. As strange as the Penguin series may seem on paper, this angle could lead to a quintessential expansion of the lower Gotham City onscreen. Characters like Black Mask or Two-Face can be introduced seamlessly through a concept like this one, for example.

Paul Dano as Riddler in Batman

Meanwhile, the announced Arkham Asylum could give the Batman universe a compelling dose of horror undertones, as well as putting Keoghan’s Joker front and center without stealing the spotlight from other would-be villains in theatrical films. And there’d be no reason why Dano’s Riddler wouldn’t return, which would be especially exciting because fans are used to having antagonists singularly in the same movie in which they first appear.

This doesn’t even mention the potential emergence of the Great Bat family with the long-awaited redemption of Boy Wonder. Suffice it to say that the way Pattinson throws his weight around a room in Pattinson’s suit and the near-limitless narrative potential of Gotham City around him should be a huge confirmation that this world can more than hold its weight.

DC . Movies Batman Available to stream now on HBO Max.

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