Why the “official” Twitter spreads gray marks

Why the “official” Twitter spreads gray marks

Why the “official” Twitter spreads gray marks

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Elon Musk, who promised to blow up Twitter’s account verification process by allowing anyone to pay for a blue checkmark, seems to have conceded that some important users need to actually be verified.

Twitter said Tuesday afternoon that to resolve the ambiguity of which accounts on its platform have their identities verified — those who pay $8 a month just for a blue checkmark on their profile — the company will introduce a new gray checkmark as part of it. of an “official” label.

A screenshot The company’s published product management director Esther Crawford showed how the new label would appear. The screenshot displayed his Twitter account profile, which included the standard blue check mark next to his screen name, as well as a gray check mark and the word “Official” below his account handle.

The new feature was revealed to be rolling out on Wednesday morning. The Twitter account received a gray checkmark and an “Official” tag. Other accounts that have since received treatment include the United Nations, as well as CNN and other media outlets.

“Not all pre-verified accounts will receive the ‘Official’ tag and the tag is not available for purchase,” Crawford he tweeted. “Accounts that will be covered include government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, mainstream media, publishers and some public figures.”

Crawford also confirmed that the next blue checkmark payment option will not include an identity verification requirement.

“We will continue to experiment with ways to separate account types,” Crawford he said.

In recent days, Twitter has received a lot of criticism for changing the meaning of the blue check mark with the intention of identifying confirmed people, especially public figures. to a new meaning indicating that a user has paid for Twitter Bluethe company’s subscription service.

Election security experts warned of the likelihood of bad actors paying for a blue checkmark, then changing their display names to impersonate government officials or other authoritative sources of information.

After appearing ready to roll out the feature over the weekend, Twitter later decided to delay the rollout until after the midterms, CNN reported. Also over the weekend, Musk vowed to permanently ban without warning accounts caught in undisclosed impersonation, reversing earlier promises that so-called “permabans” would be extremely rare.

Musk’s announcement came after many celebrities used their verified status to mock Musk’s paid verification plan by altering their accounts to look like his.

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