Win free Dummy Supreme and Recon Champion skins

Win free Dummy Supreme and Recon Champion skins

Win free Dummy Supreme and Recon Champion skins

Play the FNCS Invitational Community Cup for a chance to win $25 in new cosmetics.

Fortnite’s $1,000,000 for FNCS Advertising LAN Arriving in Raleigh, North Carolina, next weekend. Top professionals from around the world will compete in person for the first time since the 2019 World Cup (excluding third-party events).

To celebrate, take part in the FNCS Invitational Community Cup on November 8th. This is a Duos course with buildability, and some really cool prizes!

Teams will have 3 hours to complete up to 10 matches. Points will be awarded for both placement and cancellation as follows:

recording system

Victory Royal: 25 points
Second place: 22 points
Third place: 20 points
Fourth place: 18 points
Fifth: 17 points
Sixth: 16 points
Seven: 15 points
Eighth: 14 points
Ninth: 13 points
Tenth: 12 points
11:11 points
Twelfth: 10 points
Thirteenth place: 9 points
Fourteenth: 8 points
Fifteenth: 7 points
Sixteenth: 6 points
17: 5 points
Eighteenth – nineteenth: 4 points
Twenty-first: 3 points
22 – 23: 2 points
24 – 25: 1 point

Each filter: 1 point

Track your performance live on our website Leaderboard FNCS Invitational Community Cup.

Win free Dummy Supreme and Recon Champion skins

How to get Dummy Supreme & Recon Champion skins

The top-performing couple in each region will receive an in-game cosmetics bundle, the FNCS Invitational Community Cup. This includes the new Dummy Supreme costume and Recon Champion, Champion Sail Shark Glider, Champion’s Total Back Bling, and Champion Balisong Pickaxe.

This is where you need to put it to secure the package:


Europe: Top 1,350

Eastern North America: Top 690

Northwest North America: Best 240

Brazil: Best 240

Asia: Best 240

Oceania: top 120

The Middle East: top 120

Admission requirements

There is no minimum Arena rating required for this trophy, but you must have one Two-factor documentation maybe. Also, your Epic account must be at level 15 or above, which you can check via the Career tab within Fortnite.

For more details, read Fortnite FNCS Invitational Community Cup Official Rules.

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