WRC Generations Review: Apt Conclusion | Traction

WRC Generations Review: Apt Conclusion |  Traction

WRC Generations Review: Apt Conclusion | Traction

When a video game is released on an annual basis, it is easy to assume that each release took 12 months to create. The truth is that each release is an iteration, slowly building on previous foundations.

This year’s WRC title may be the latest official game for the FIA ​​World Rally Championship, arriving just one year after WRC 10 of 2021, but this is really the culmination of eight years of hard work.

It also marks the end of Parisien Kylotonn developers’ involvement in the series, before the rights to make the licensed rally games move elsewhere for next season.

WRC Generations Review: Apt Conclusion |  Traction

To mark the occasion, and introduce the new Rally1 hybrid-powered cars used in the real world, the studio threw a kitchen sink into the project, as it assembled many Rally1 and classic cars from previous titles, adding a new championship system. It will be launched later in the year to further polish the product.

Hence, instead of being called WRC 11, it is given an extension WRC . generations The title, which represents the classic content that sits next to the latest pebble-throwing monsters.

But the question is – have you created a platform worthy of being the top of the race?

On paper, it’s a resounding yes. There are 85 vehicles, 165 stages, online leaderboards and skin creations as well as more game modes than Outtank has. The most feature-rich rally game ever – even if it’s not VR for PC pros.

Functional review of custom livery design for WRC generations

look slick

To sit alongside the vast expanses of choice, the visuals have been given a proper lift as well, with improved shading, improved lighting and on completely new Swedish roads, particularly the detailed side furniture. From spectator fires to imposing red Scandinavian buildings and even in-car map light during the night competition.

The score depends largely on the platform you’re playing on – we can’t calculate how it looks and plays on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – but on a contemporary PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, there’s a noticeable increase in fidelity over recent series entries.

It should be noted, however, that Old places of return Like the Corsica from WRC 8, while it’s updated, it’s clearly still a bit behind in speed. Oddly enough, the 120Hz mode has been removed on the console this year as well.

Dealing with adaptation

But you could have the most stage miles ever, but if the dynamics aren’t right, the longevity of the game will be closer to Sébastien Chardonnet’s career, unlike Sébastien Loeb.

As you traverse through snow, gravel, mud and asphalt in many diverse game locations, while they can be accessed using the gamepad, the steering wheel terminal is clearly the best way to experience generations.

Using the advanced Fanatec, the feedback is powerful, conveying the nuances of the gravel surface to the driver. There can be a bit of a slop entering the corner this time around, so a bit of a quick bump in the braking area may be needed to turn effectively.

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At corner exits, there can be more exaggeration, too. So, balancing these characteristics requires some adjustment. The handbrake around the hairpin is noticeably more complex, and the braking zones feel longer than on the Heathrow runway.

One contributing factor is the additional electrical boost that this new top-notch weapon provides. A hybrid system can mean that you spin the tires when leaving a tight angle, resulting in a spin for the unwary.

The effect and longevity of volts can be determined in pre-set via one of three groups (also known as maps), as in the real world. However, while switching between them for each phase layout will undoubtedly be what esports-level drivers are messing about, leaving it in the middle, and a balanced setup, will suffice for the most part.

Once acclimated, you can find a fun rhythm, as you and your fellow driver just float across the stage, deftly shifting from corner to corner, delicately balancing weight transfer. Glorious.

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Feedback discrepancy

Not perfect, though. We’ve found that switching to a lower-end Logitech wheel offers odd force feedback characteristics, lacking consistency when compared directly to the WRC 10. The impact is largely dependent on specific hardware optimization, something we hope will be mitigated after release.

The way your car affects the terra firma after a big jump can do with some improvement too, sometimes it feels as if there is little or no damping because you crashed casually before you visit the nearest trench.

Still, it could be worse. It could be the sound of the engine. I am convinced that the noise from under the hood of the Skoda Fabia Rally 2 is a recording of a food blender. While something like the Lancia Delta Integrale has the buzzing noise you’d expect from a tuned dual cam, most modern vehicles lack the eardrum mix of revs, gearshifts, pops, and explosions you experience when viewing in a Finnish forest.

It’s been KT Racing’s Achilles heel (or should have been Pirelli’s upset) from the start, and although there are signs of improvement, the sound is still lackluster.

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Expanded game modes

On a similar subject, one element that remains remarkably similar is Career Mode, which the data shows is where more than 50 percent of the gameplay stages are completed.

The car and team development skill trees remain, but only this time they have been moderately expanded. Promising results unlock more tokens and cash to spend. Between the main events, there is a familiar mix of test and practice, promotions, and optional historical events.

Other annual motorsport titles like F1’s 22’s My Team are deeper, and this mode has been moderately updated since it was introduced in 2019, but provides enough to grab your attention.

With so many gatherings back from previous matches, of course, these additional events don’t appear in the main career except for sideshow challenges.

This is where a plethora of online options come in handy. Online Leading Driver mode returns, along with regular online competition. Clubs, added to last year’s title via an update, allow you to compete in custom networked tournaments.

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permanent call

The new league system aims to combine all the various stages and cars with daily and weekly events. Your times will be converted into results, after which you will be placed on the ranked leaderboards with those of similar experience level. It’s like iRacingSplit system or sport mode for Gran Turismo 7, but depends on the stopwatch.

During the pre-release review period, it did indeed offer a competitive relief from the job grind – however an acid test would be if the community took it to it over time.

WRC Generations takes all the good parts from the past six predecessors, adds them in the latest hardware along with a bunch of new gameplay features and unlocks them every day.

The team achieved a massive confidence-boosting video game. While the primary pros and cons of the KT Racing platform have always been there, its unwavering focus on continuous formula improvement has resulted in a compelling experience for different skill levels.

Traxion.GG Review Verdict: Wish List
Developer KT . Race
release day October 3, 2022
Available platforms PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.
Versions tested PC and PS5
Best play with wheel

Full disclosure: We purchased this game for review purposes. here we have Policy review.

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