You can watch the lunar eclipse on Tuesday even if it is cloudy

You can watch the lunar eclipse on Tuesday even if it is cloudy

Live broadcast: Total lunar eclipse – November 08, 2022

With the next total lunar eclipse not occurring until March 2025, few people will want to miss Tuesday’s chance to witness this incredible celestial event.

A total eclipse occurs when the Earth moves directly between the Sun and the Moon. The lack of direct sunlight casts a shadow over our closest neighbors. As the shadow moves across the moon, it creates what is known as a “shadow” where the light is completely blocked, and also a “semi-shadow” where the light is partially blocked.

However, the highlight comes when the moon gradually appears a reddish color, a remarkable phenomenon caused by the refraction of light passing through Earth’s atmosphere.

If you’re based in the Americas, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe, clear skies will give you a good view of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday, though people in Western Europe and Africa will unfortunately miss == but there is still a way to see it.

So, for anyone in Western Europe and Africa, or for people in places where cloud cover obscures the view, you can simply go online to see the total lunar eclipse. Well, it’s quite different, but at least it enables you to watch this rare event in real time.

To watch the total lunar eclipse as it happens, use the video player included at the top of this page. The feed will be released Tuesday morning at 1 AM PT (4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT). At this time, the Earth’s shadow will begin to fall on the Moon, and its totality will occur after about 75 minutes. A number of expert contributors from around the world will provide comments and explanations as the eclipse passes through different phases.

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