Your Lego doesn’t want a Zelda themed set of ideas anymore

Your Lego doesn’t want a Zelda themed set of ideas anymore

Your Lego doesn’t want a Zelda themed set of ideas anymore

Link's Breath of the Wild screenshot looking at a boiling pot filled with LEGO bricks.

There is no choice but to burn them, I think.
picture: Nintendo / The LEGO Set / Kotaku

So, you have this powerful idea for a Lego set based on the popular action-adventure Nintendo franchise the legend of zelda. You can set the project and submit it to Lego Ideas, Section of the company’s website Where fans share their proposals for new combos, but… wait, wait. Your idea has just been rejected, with The Lego Group citing a “license conflict” as the reason. What’s going on? Well, it turns out that this has been happening to a lot of different fan-made projects that focus on Nintendo’s fictional IP.

according to a report From the Lego-obsessed news site Brick fanaticsLego set not only refuse the legend of zelda Fan ideas but totally banned. at least Eight different projectsFrom Breath of the wildHyrule Castle inspired by one show ocarina of timeA final battle, apparently blocked by a prolific game maker. Although these creations garnered around 10,000 fan votes for Lego Ideas, which usually push applications to the review stage for consideration as official products, the company’s board of directors allegedly rejected every single one of them.

And now, as evidenced by the screenshots from Brick fanaticsYou can’t even submit projects based on the legend of zelda To the ideas section anymore. When you try, the site asks you if your idea is based on intellectual property. Select “Yes” and type “the legend of zeldaAn error message stating that the company has “already evaluated this IP address and has determined that we cannot allow submissions based on it” due to some “licensing conflict”. How strange.

The reason for this “license conflict” is ambiguous, but Brick fanatics It relates to two possibilities. The first is that the Lego set may already be working with Nintendo to produce sets based on the legend of zeldaLike the two of them did Super Mario. (Brick fanatics Note that when you submit ideas for Mario brothers., the message mentions “current third-party interference” in its denial.) The second is that a potential competing manufacturer may have swooped in to make kits centered around the long-running Nintendo series, which could explain the “license conflict” error it gets when trying to submit ideas. (second, Brick fanatics Note the same “license conflict” for Pokemon.)

my box I’ve reached out to The Lego Group and Nintendo for comment.

Whether or not there will be new Lego sets in time The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It remains to be seen, as this game will be released on May 12, 2023.

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