Your Mac has a hidden white noise generator

Your Mac has a hidden white noise generator

Your Mac has a hidden white noise generator

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If you want to get rid of the environmental noise, or you just want to have white noise in the background while you work, then you should try our Mac white noise generator. The feature is already built into every running Mac macOS is comingYou just need to know where to find it.

How to enable background sounds on macOS Ventura

You can find the white noise generator in your Mac’s settings menu. tap on Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and select system configuration. Next, select Accessibility in the left sidebar and click My voice in the left pane. go to the background sounds section to enable background sounds. Once you do that, you can choose from a range of different sounds for your Mac. tap on Choose Next to Background Audio and you’ll see the following options:

  • balanced noise
  • bright noise
  • dark noise
  • Ocean
  • rain
  • Stream

Tap the download button next to the sounds you want to download. TA hat that you’ll save on your Mac so you can play it too if you’re offline.

On the previous settings page, there are a couple Useful options You should also check. The first is Background sound volume, which allows you to adjust the volume of audio files. Once you choose a comfortable volume, enable Turn off background sounds when your Mac is not in use. This setting It will stop the sounds when your Mac goes to sleep.

How to create white noise on older versions of macOS

Unfortunately, Apple’s background sounds feature is limited to Macs That Can Run Ventura. If you have an old Mac, you can use other tools to turn on white noise in the background. Music streaming services usually have a very good selection of white noise. Here are some examples of spotifyAnd the Apple MusicAnd the Youtube. Alternatively, you can try white noise apps like entertainment.

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