ZTE secures the best location for global 5G CPE shipments

ZTE secures the best location for global 5G CPE shipments

ZTE secures the best location for global 5G CPE shipments

Press release: ZTE has surpassed several significant milestones with global Customer Building Equipment (CPE) shipped. Today, ZTE continues to lead in this sector with the spread of 5G to unlock the future of connectivity. Telecom Review Asia is reaching out to Bai Keke, Vice President of ZTE Corporation and General Manager of Mobile Internet Products Division, Mobile Devices Division, to learn more about ZTE’s innovations and leadership.

With 5G continuing to gain momentum, ZTE cemented its position in the global fixed wireless access (FWA) and mobile broadband (MBB) markets, ranking first in the 5G CPE market worldwide. By October 2022, more than 200 carriers globally had launched commercial 5G services, and collectively deployed more than 3 million 5G sites.

“As a world leader in CPE, ZTE cooperates with 93 carriers in 35 countries and regions, and accumulates a cumulative shipment of 2 million units in more than 100 countries and regions,” Vice President Bai noted.

According to the GSMA, 5G networks are expected to cover a third of the world’s population. With thousands of industries undergoing digital transformation journeys, telecom communications will experience an unprecedented boom. Predictions from ABI Research and Mobile Experts reveal that 5G FWA is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 70% to connect the unconnected and provide superior experiences. By 2026, the number of 5G FWA users will exceed 60 million.

Bai added that with 5G creating many new scenarios, applications and business models for the entire industry chain, ZTE is an enabler to drive new scenarios, advance digital transformation and drive the global digital economy.

Compared to Fiber to the Home (FTTH), 5G FWA offers short time to market and lower cost. With 5G adoption accelerating to power the next generation of interconnection, ZTE’s industry-leading mobile internet devices provide FWA and MBB products and solutions to carriers, industrial customers and the general consumer.

Committed to delivering value for diverse 5G scenarios, ZTE is focused on providing intelligent full 5G scenario solutions so that global users can benefit from high-speed and reliable intelligent connectivity that takes advantage of wireless networks.

Bai expressed that as a leader in mobile Internet devices, ZTE has accumulated outstanding research and technology innovations over the past 17 years. This gives ZTE an unparalleled technological advantage, with the annual shipment volume of mobile internet devices exceeding 10 million units worldwide. Despite this, ZTE 1000 holds a technology patent in mobile internet devices. Last year alone, ZTE’s shipment volume of FWA and MBB self-developed chip products exceeded 50 million units.

These numbers are a testament to ZTE’s fortress in the mobile Internet business and its focus on operating high-bandwidth, low-latency, broadband 5G networks designed for markets to B, C and G.

“As one of the few smartphone manufacturers in the world with integrated cloud, management and end-to-end connectivity capabilities, ZTE has built a ‘1 + 2 + N’ planning terminal for the entire product chain, in which mobile Internet devices serve as a tool that is a big part of our ultimate strategy.” Bay commented.

ZTE leverages the latest chips, algorithms, and infrastructure to expand its customers’ end-to-end technology capabilities and to achieve technology breakthroughs. The to-B model encourages the expansion and enhancement of FWA’s suite of products to help carrier customers increase the number of wireless broadband users.

“From the perspective of terminal products, ZTE has innate and incomparable advantages in terms of core protocols, communication capabilities, antenna technology, etc., which other independent terminal brands cannot match,” Bai added.

For the consumer market, ZTE is constantly launching consumer-friendly FWA and MBB products through product and model innovations, mostly geared towards meeting customer needs in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and Internet of Things (IoT) industries.

ZTE Mobile Internet Devices provides three major product solutions, including personal and home terminals, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) terminals and IoV terminals, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Broadband services for all scenarios are certified by wireless base stations, including 4G/5G CPE products, portable uFi products, data cards and module products.

“In the future, our products will also adhere to the concepts of environmental conservation, intelligence and security to better serve our customers,” Bay said.

Evolving from 3rd and 4th generation to 5th generation, ZTE has focused on developing protocols, chips and technical standards to take advantage of each generation of wireless communication, using critical communications technology and years of independent research and development to help carrier customers unlock the full potential of 5G and seize the potential of 5G. New growth opportunities.

Bai concluded: “As the engine of the digital economy, ZTE will always take technological innovation as the first driving force for enterprise development and do the hardest things to the best – providing global partners with world-class products and technologies to help customers achieve leapfrog development.”


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